AHéen 29. Tel. (+47) 55 58 80 10/ (+47) 55 94 08 70. ^jjf

[email protected] - This lovely 18th-century manor house is in the suburb of Laksevág, only 3 km west of Bergen city centre, on Road 582. Buses 19, 70 or 71. Erected in the 1770s, Damsgárd Manor was the most splendid house in the city and is considered Europe's best preserved wooden building from the 18th century. The building has the original interiors, with gardens recreated as they were 200 years ago, displaying flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetables and herbs of that period, as well as fountains, sculptures, a duck pond and a carp pool. Small café. See p. 24. Opening hours: 20 May-2 Sept.: 11.00-17.00. Guided tours daily every hour, the last one at 15.00. Groups by arrangement all May and Sept.

Entrance fee: NOK 50. Stud./senior citizens NOK 40. Children free.

FANTOFT STAVE CHURCH - Raradis - Tel. (+47) 55 28 07 10. fj| The old stave church at Fantoft, originally built in Fortun in Sogn Tff in 1150 and moved to Fantoft in 1883, burnt down on the 6 June 1992. Fantoft Stave Church has now been rebuilt just as it was before the fire. Sightseeing tour to Fantoft Stave Church, see page 15. Bus stop and car park near the church at Birkelundsbakken, Raradis. Opening hours: 15 May- 15 Sept: Daily 10.30-14.00 and 14.30-18.00. Closed on 17 May.

Entrance fee: NOK 30. Children NOK 12. Students NOK 20.

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