History And Traditions

Olav Kyrre, King of Norway between 1066 and 1093, is credited with founding the City of Bergen, which became the capital of Norway in the 13th century and was the largest city in the country for the next 600 years. Because of its harbour setting and commercial importance, in the Middle Ages Bergen became a vital link in the Hanseatic League (a chain of European and Baltic cities with shared trading agreements). Its harbour-front, Bryggen was a scene of thriving activity for "the Hansas" up to the 18th century. Bergen's commerce still thrives, though nowadays much of its economic life is centred on the North Sea oil industry. Today, the city has expanded to an area of 465 sq. km and a population of approximately 242,000. It is a university city and has a major business and commerce college, as well as many other colleges of further education.

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