Bergenhus Festningsmuseum

The exhibition: "Women's Contribution to the Armed Forces" and 'The Bergen Press in a time of crizis". Opening hours: Daily exc. Mon: 11.00-17.00 Groups on request. Entrance fee: Free.


Historic fire-fighting equipment. Buses. Veteran cars. Model railway.

Motorcycles. Military transport. Household and industrial machinery. Working printing press. Smithy. Boat motor collection etc. Rides on old trams. Café.

Opening hours: Sun 12.00-16.00. Closed in Des., Jan. and Feb.

Entrance fee: NOK 20. Children NOK 10. Family ticket NOK 50._

[email protected] - A collection of pictures and other items showing the activities over 150 years of the Buekorps, a kind of boy's brigade found only in Bergen and best known for their drill, usually with crossbows.

Opening hours: Sat: 11.00-14.00. Sun: 12.00-15.00. Closed from approx. 10 July for one month. Entrance fee: Free.

FRESCO HALL - Vágsallmenningen 1 (D4) (Tourist Information) The old Bergen Exchange, containing the Fresco Hall, was built in 1862 and extended in 1893. The murals on the walls in the Fresco Hall were painted by Axel Revold (1887-1962), and have long been recognized as a national treasure. They were painted during the years 1921-23 and are divided into three themes: The North Country Wall with three panels representing fishing near Lofoten in North-Norway, how the fish is prepared and dried on the frames and the southward trip to Bergen where the finished products were to be sold. The Bergen Wall includes four panels, showing the heavily loaded vessels arriving at Bergen harbour, how the fish was shipped by larger vessels to the world market, trade with cereals from foreign ports, and then shipyards constructing large, modern ships. The third wall has three panels and is called The World Wall, showing man's importance in the busy machine age, the cultivation and processing of the products of nature, and nature's abundance under exotic skies. Opening hours: same as the Tourist Information, see page 9. Entrance fee: Free.

GAMLEHAUGEN, King Harald's Bergen Residence Gamlehaugveien 10, Fj0sanger. Tel. (+47)55 92 51 20. [email protected]

When our King visits Bergen, his official residence is "Gamlehaugen". Built at the turn of last century, this impressive house was the home of former Prime Minister Christian Michelsen.

Opening hours: The house: 1 June-31. Aug: Tue-Sun 12.00-15.00. The rest of the year Sat and Sun 12.00-15.00. Open for groups on request. Reservation tel. (+47) 55 11 29 00. The gardens are open throughout the year. The house is closed when the King is in residence. Entrance fee: NOK 50. Children NOK 25.

We have three floors of Norwegian traditional arts and crafts on display in Holmedalsgárden 3, including: Jewellery - Historical weapons - Glas - Sculpture - Textiles - Leatherwork - Ceramics In 0vregaten 12, we have a large café with outdoor seating featuring art exhibitions and a two floor shop which carries exciting designer clothes and jewellery.

Ovregaten 12 - I!'H' . Holmedalsgarden 3, Bryggen

HORDA MUSEUM & - Stend (on road 546). Tel. (+47) 55 11 29 00. ||jj| [email protected] - FREE

Folk museum for agriculture, fishing, arts and crafts. Permanent exhibition: "Grain from Granite": In Praise of Peasants, 1000 Years as Fisherfolk. Norwegian Road History Museum, Hordaland. Department of Building History and archeological finds from the museum area. Traditional houses are open during the summer. The café serves coffee, tea and cakes. Buses 20 and 560 from the Bus Station, platform 19 and 20. See p. 24.

Opening hours: Tue-Fri: 12.00-15.00. Wed: 12.00-18.00. Sat and Sun: 12.00-16.00. Mondays closed. Groups by appointment outside opening hours.

Entrance fee: NOK 40. Students/senior citizens. NOK 30. Children NOK 15. Families NOK 80. Groups over 10 pers. NOK 30 per pers.


- St. George's Hospital Kong Oscarsgate 59 (D4).©

Tel. (+47)55 96 11 55. [email protected] -

For more than 500 years St. George's was a hospital for lepers. The present day buildings date back to the 18th century. In its unique hospital wards the

Leprosy Museum presents Norway's contribution to leprosy research.

Norwegian doctors - and in particular Armauer Hansen who gave his name to another term for leprosy "Hansen's disease" - are well known for their struggle against leprosy. See p. 24.

The church forms part of the old leprosy hospital buildings built in the

Middle Ages. It was rebuilt after the great fire in 1702.

Opening hours: 20 May-2 Sept: Daily 11.00-15.00.

Entrance fee: NOK 40. Senior citizens/students NOK 20. Children free.

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