Where To Dine

Neither settlement bulges with culinary opportunity. Franz has a wider choice these days and is probably better overall in terms of food.


If you've decided to do your own cooking, head for Fern Grove Food Centre, Main Road (& 03/752-0731), open from 7:45am until late, especially for fresh bread and Mrs. Mac's famous meat pies. The Blue Ice Café Main Road (& 03/752-0707), serves pizza, is fully licensed, and gets raves for the best cafe atmosphere in glacier country. Beeches Café & Bar , Main Road (& 03/7520721), is a more expensive option with reasonably good food and all-day service.

Café Franz , Main Road (& 03/752-0048), is a laid-back, fun place that overflows with activity-driven types. The Alice May fjp, Main Road (& 03/7520740), has cheap family dining with lots of steaks and the best chips in town, in quantities to satisfy the biggest appetite. The Landing tfftjp, Main Road (& 03/752-0229), is nothing fancy, but it's big on rib-eye steaks and grills in generous portions. Service is good (mostly) and it's a good value-for-money option, open daily 10am till late in summer and 4 to 10pm in winter.


The Fox Glacier General Store , Main Road (& 03/751-0829), sells everything from foodstuffs and hot meat pies to camping supplies, hardware, and boots. It's open daily from 8am till late. Alpine Guides Hobnail Café fj?, Main Road (& 03/751-0005), right next to the Alpine Guides booking office, has a constant traffic of eager adventurers. It's open for breakfast, lunch, and all-day snacks, and the simple timber-tabled interior is always bustling and sunny.

Café Neve f&jp, Main Road (& 03/751-0110), has a terrific range of pizzas along with delicious counter food and dinner dishes such as venison osso buco served on a kumara (sweet potato) mash with steamed vegetables. Another possibility is the traditional West Coast whitebait omelet with fresh herbs. It's open from 9am till late and is definitely one of the nicest options. Café Lake Math-eson @, Lake Matheson Road (& 03/751-0878), has a fabulous aspect beside the lake, a nice "woody" interior and great value light meals.

Cook Saddle Café and Saloon, Main Road (& 03/751-0700), is a Tex-Mex favorite with backpackers. It has good ambience in true eclectic West Coast style—a trophy head here, an animal skin there. Venison burgers, Boss Hogg ribs, and Texas T-bone all speak of a slightly displaced sense of geography, but if a full stomach and a good night are your intention, then you've come to the right place.

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