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The walking track continues along the Hurunui River, and 1km below the confluence with McMillan Stream (about 30 minutes) arrives at a swing bridge across it.

Follow the vehicle track on the other side to where it swings sharply to the west. Here, a route marked with poles heads east (right fork) and crosses the valley along the edge of the forest. To avoid some cliffs the track dips into the bush once before reaching the head of Lake Sumner.

On the northern side of the lake, the track enters forest again for an easy climb to Three Mile Stream, crossed by a swing bridge. There's a junction here, with one track heading north towards Three Mile Stream Hut and another south to Charley's Point, on the lake. The main track departs east across the stream and begins the day's steepest climb, gaining 150m before levelling off and finally reaching bush-clad Kiwi Saddle (677m). Just before the saddle there

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Harper Pass (Map 3)

To Lewi? Pass (26km)\ Maruia Springs (33km)i

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Mari&it Bay ^

is a short track to a lookout, which has a fine view across Lake Sumner.

It's a quick descent through bush to the open tussock country along Kiwi River. The route follows the 4WD track along the true right (east) side of the river, and it's a one-hour walk through the cattle flats to Hope-Kiwi Lodge (24 bunks), near the western edge of the forest. This hut is large, with five rooms and a wood stove. There is more modest accommodation Wi hours up the true right (west) bank of Hope River at St Jacobs Hut (six bunks).

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