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Above Locke Stream the valley continues to narrow and the Taramakau appears more like a mountain stream. Signs of flooding, slips and fallen logs mar its banks. Harper Pass Track begins at the hut, and winds in and out of the forest as it climbs towards the alpine Harper Pass. Keep a sharp eye out for trail markers that indicate when the track moves back into the bush. This section is challenging and slow, but within 1 '/i hours you should reach a swing bridge located 3km above Locke Stream.

Cross to the true right (north) side and follow the Taramakau (although it's rarely visible through the bush) to the headwater gorges. Here the track begins a steep, 280m ascent through forest to Harper Pass (963m), which is marked by a sign and is reached three hours from the hut.

You do not enter the tussock grasslands on the pass, but drop quickly on the eastern side to the headwaters of the Hurunui River. Within 30 minutes of reaching the stream you arrive at Harper Pass Bivouac (two bunks), located in a grove of ribbonwood above the stream on the true right (south) side. Below the bivouac walking becomes a lot easier. The track departs the creek bed into lush, subalpine scrub and follows terraces along its true right (south) side. It's a steady 6.5km, two-hour descent from Harper Pass Bivouac to the first substantial flat. Camerons Hut (four bunks) is halfway down the flat, on the edge of the forest. From the small hut it's a short walk to No 3 Hut. The track crosses the flat to an emergency walkwire across Cameron Stream and then stays on the fringes of the forest for the next 1.5km, until it opens onto a flat opposite Waterfall Stream.

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