Getting Tofrom The Tramp

Most of the 120km stretch of SH38 through the park is unsealed, winding and extremely scenic. In other words, a very time-consuming drive. There is very little traffic on this route, making it a slow-go for hitching.

Both ends of the track are within easy walking distance of SH38. The southern end is at Onepoto, 10km south of the park headquarters. The northern end is near Hopuruahine Landing, 15km northwest of the park headquarters at Aniwaniwa.

Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk

1:160,000 0 100m Contour Interval 0

Lake Ruapani

Patekaka ,0 Island

Matuahu Point

Whanganuioparua Inlet

' TeKopua

Bay ~~Marauiti & Bay Te Kotoreo-taunoa Point

Lake Waikaremoana

Mautaketake Point

Te Horoinga Point


Papaotewhakau -Point

Wair au

Onepoto Bay


Unsecured car parking is available at Onepoto and Home Bay; there is a small fee at the latter. There is also free, secured vehicle storage at Big Bush Holiday Park (@ 0800-525 392, 06-837 3777; SH38).

Buses no longer run between Rotorua and Waikaremoana Motor Camp. Big Bush Holiday Park does, however, it does offer a shuttle service between Wairoa and I Waikare moana, picking up trampers at I both trailheads ($30). Pick up the bus at the Wairoa visitor information centre (~s 06-838 R3 7440; cnr SH2 & Queen St). E0 Waikaremoana Guided Tours ("S 06-837 3729), W?R Big Bush Holiday Park and the Waikaremoana EQ Motor Camp (@ 06-837 3826;; SH38) | all provide ferry services that operate out

■ off Waikaremoana Motor Camp, and will take you from one trailhead to the other (each end $15).

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