When To Go

Naples is a destination for all season, even though some months are more popular (and expensive) than others. May is the busiest time of the year as thousands pour into the city for the annual Maggio dei Monumenti (May of the Monuments) festival. Similarly, the pre-Christmas period and Easter are considered peak season by city hoteliers. The best time to visit is spring (April to mid-June) when temperatures are bearable and the city is still in full swing. Arrive in August and you'll find Naples half-closed and most Neapolitans (along with most Italians) on the coast.

The low season (from April to mid-May and mid-September to October) is a good time for exploring the Amalfi Coast. The weather is usually pretty good, hotel rates are up to one-third cheaper than in high season and there are fewer tourists around. That said, June to September is the best time to catch some of the area's festivals (see p18).

Definitions of high and low season vary between hotels but expect to pay high-season rates at Easter, during summer (which on the coast runs from June to mid-September) and over the Christmas-New Year period. Note also that many coastal and island hotels close over winter, typically from November to March.

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