While Naples' theatre scene is not as dynamic as it was in the days of Eduardo De Filippo, it still serves up the occasional gem. Look out for works by Roberto De Simone, Luca de Filippo and Enzo Moscato, with their revealing modern takes on Neapolitan traditions, or hit the city's smaller stages for experimental work from young local and international artists.

Ticket prices range from about €8 for experimental theatres to €30 and upwards for big-budget productions. To book, contact the theatre direct, or if possible log onto its website. Alternatively, try a ticketing agency such as Box Office (Map pp280-l; @ 081 551 91 88; in Italian; Galleria LTmberto I 17). Many hotels can also help with reservations.

BELLINI MAPPP280-1 SS 081 549 96 88; in Italian; Via Conte di Ruvo; tickets from €15; box office 10.30a m-1pm&5-8pmMon-Fri, 10.30am-2pm Sat; ® Museo

The gorgeous 19th-century Bellini Is a classic picture In gold and red. Suitably, the repertoire tends to be fairly conservative, with big-budget musicals and classics such as Shakespeare, Manzonl and Oscar Wilde.

GALLERIA TOLEDO MAP P283 SS 081 42 50 37; in Italian; Via Concezione a Montecalvario 34; tickets €13; £3 box office 10am-1.30pm &3-6pm daily; ® Montesanto

Tucked away In the Quartlerl Spagnoll, this Is the spot for cutting-edge and experimental new work from local and International playwrights. Occasional film screenings Include offbeat International art house. Check the website for upcoming events.

MERCADANTE MAP PP280-1 SS 081 551 33 96; in Italian; Piazza del Municipio 1; tickets from €13; £3 box office 10.30am-1 pm & 5.30-7,30pm Mon-Fri, 10.30am-IpmSatSep-Apr; 0 R2 to Piazza del Municipio Recently restored, the 18th-century Merca-dante Is home to Naples' major theatre company, the Teatro Stabile. A bumper season of high-standard productions Includes new and classic Neapolitan, Italian and International works from the likes of Luca de Filippo, Roberto de Simone and Paul Leautaud.

TEATRO NUOVO MAP PP280-1 SS 081 40 60 62; in Italian; Via Montecalvario 16; tickets around €8; S box office 10.30am-1 pm & 5-7pm Tue-Fri, 10.30am-1 pm Sat Oct-May; ® Montesanto

Samuel Beckett and controversial Italian director Pier Paolo Pasollnl are among the more recognisable names to appear on the Nuovo's



If you like your theatre with a murder or two, check out II Pozzo e II Pendolo Teatro ( SS 081 542 20 88; in Italian; Piazza San Do-menico Maggiore 3). This theatre company performs whodunnit plays in atmospheric locations, including the Orto Botanico (p96). It also hosts murder-mystery dinners and weekends, and spine-tingling night tours of Naples. While the plays and dinners are in Italian, tours can be arranged in English if booked in advance.


For one night each September, Naples hosts La Notte Bianca (The White Night), an all-night celebration of art, culture and shopping. A huge programme of mostly free events includes theatre in piazzas, concerts in cloisters and tango lessons in train stations. Transport is free and runs all night. For details, go to www (in Italian) or check the local press the day before.

programme. A modern theatre, it provides a stage for emerging European writers whose works may or may not appeal.

TRIANON MAP PP280-1 SS 081 225 82 85;; Piazza VincenzoCalenda 9; tickets €10-22; E3 box office 10am-1.30pm&4-8pm daily; (81 R2toCorsollmbertol

Deliciously kitsch, the Trianon orchestra belts out a repertoire of unashamedly sentimental Neapolitan classics while nostalgic audiences join in the chorus. Pre-concert, check out the small museum dedicated to opera star Enrico Caruso.

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