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Fat Shredder Kickboxing

Mike Zhang is the creator of this FSK 12 Fat Shredder Kickboxing system that was borne of the experience that he has had as a kick boxer for like 10 years. He has also been the personal trainer of many people who have gone through the kickboxing world and he has succeeded. The main aim of this program is to help the user achieve the kind of body he or she so much desires. The routines that are in the program are designed to help you burn fat and help you transform your body and life. All that stubborn fat will now melt away and you will be happy. This product is a step ahead than all the other products since it provides step by step assistance to all the available videos.This program will teach you strategies that will keep your body performing free of any pains or injuries. The movements are varied, fun and easy to implement anywhere as they require no equipment at all, making this program suitable for people who do not want to train in a gym but still want to reach peak condition with a fighter-like chiselled physique and fitness to match, but without the fighting involved. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

This ebook served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Thailand Training Guide for Those Training Muay Thai

Within this Thailand training guide, youll learn: The most common Thai scams and how to avoid them. Everything you need to know about securing the appropriate visa. Which Muay Thai camps to visit and which ones to avoid. How to get around in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. Important Thai customs so you dont embarrass yourself or offend anyone. The cost of living in each area so youll be able to budget yourself accordingly. How to save a lot of money on accommodation, food and pretty much everything else The amount of money youll save is what makes this package so valuable. In Thailand, theres dual pricing on almost everything. Theres the Thai price and then theres the foreigner price . Having spent so much time in Thailand, I know what the Thai prices are and Ill show you how to get them for yourself.

Thailand Training Guide for Those Training Muay Thai Summary

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Muay Thai Heavy Bag Blueprint

One of the most under utilized aspects of Muay Thai training is the Heavy bag. Hitting the heavy bag can be used to work on your technique, drill combinations, and improve endurance. It is a fundamental part of training Muay Thai that is used by everyone from beginners who are just learning to high level fighters. The Heavy Bag Blueprint created by Sean Fagan offers a range of combinations, drills and workouts that you can utilize to get more from your heavy bag training. My favorite aspects of the course are some of the excellent heavy bag drills that Sean introduces. These drills are designed to help you develop timing, speed, and build endurance. The combos and drills are great for the Beginner Nak Muay who has seen, but doesnt know, and just as good for the Advanced Nak Muay who thinks he knows, but could use some reminding. Most training courses simply focus on how to use the heavy bag effectively as a part of your training. Your Heavy Bag Blueprint course is going to do that as well. But your Hbb is not only going to do that, its also going to teach you a number of things that will be crucial to getting the results you want that other courses leave out. The Hbb is going to show you how to hit the heavy bag with focus, intensity, and attention to detail that will quickly enhance your skills, conditioning, and mindset. It will also help you improve your shadowboxing, pad work, and sparring sessions too.

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Blueprint Summary

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Creator: Sean Fagan
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Muay Thai

Many foreigners come to Thailand to study muay thai (Thai boxing). Training regimens can be extremely strict. See www.muaythai .com for more information. Fairtex Muay Thai Camp (0 0 2755 3329 www 99 8Soi Boonthamanusorn, Th Theparak, Samut Prakan) Training from 500B a session to 7700B-a-week residence.

Drinking Entertainment

Reggae Bar (Tourist Village S lOpm-late) The most popular nightspot on the island recently expanded. It has three floors of Rasta colours, drinking competitions, a muay thai boxing ring with regular show bouts (where you can fight for free booze) and the occasional kdthoey (ladyboy) cabaret - you either love it or hate it.

Around Ranong Ko Chang

Ko Chang feels a world apart from most of Thailand's islands. There are no megaphone announcements for Thai boxing (even though some of the country's best fighters hail from Ranong Province), no streets designed entirely for farang. No, Ko Chang isn't selling knock-off Ray-Bans and Playstation games. Its marketing scheme focuses squarely on seducing buyers with an older, slower version of Thailand. Electricity is sporadic, and tourists few and far between.

Sports Activities

Although the climate is not conducive to exercise, Bangkokians like to work up a sweat doing more than just climbing the stairs to the Skytrain station. All the popular Thai sports are represented in the capital city from the top-tier muay thai (Thai boxing) to a pick-up game of takrdw (Siamese football).

Classical Thai

Classical central-Thai music (phleng thai doem) features a dazzling array of textures and subtleties, hair-raising tempos and pastoral melodies. The classical orchestra or pii-phdat can include as few as five players or more than 20. Leading the band is pii, a straight-lined woodwind instrument with a reed mouthpiece and an oboe-like tone you'll hear it most at muay thai (Thai boxing) matches. The four-stringedphin, plucked like a guitar, lends subtle counterpoint, while rdndat ehk, a bamboo-keyed percussion instrument resembling the xylophone, carries the main melodies. The slender saw, a bowed instrument with a coconut-shell soundbox, provides soaring embellishments, as does the khliii or wooden Thai flute.


Throughout the three days of the festival Lao visitors climb around the hillside, stopping to pray and leave offerings of flowers and incense. The festival is more commercial than it once was and for much of the time has an atmosphere somewhere between a kids carnival and music festival. Events include Thai boxing matches, cockfights, comedy shows, and plenty of music and dancing. Food is available from vendors who set up along the road from Ban Thong Khop, and after dark several areas are cordoned off for open-air nightclubs featuring bands from as far away as Vientiane. After dark the beer and lao-ldo (rice whisky) flow freely and the atmosphere can become rather rowdy.

Spas Massage

Although it sounds relaxing, traditional Thai massage (nuatphaen boraan), will seem more closely related to muay thai than to shiatsu. It is based on yogic techniques for general health involving pulling, stretching, bending and manipulating pressure points. If done well, a traditional massage will leave you sore but revitalised.

Festivals Events

Festivals are drawn out, enjoyable affairs in Myanmar. They generally take place or culminate on full-moon days, but the build-up can last for a while. There's often a country-fair atmosphere about these festivals - at some convenient location there will be innumerable stalls and activities that go on all night. Pwe (festivals and feasts), music and Myanmar kickboxing bouts will all be part of the colourful scene. The normally calm Myanmar people can get really worked up during these festivals - at a full-moon festival on one of our visits to Yangon the supporters of the defeated favourite in a boxing bout were so enraged that they wrecked the arena, and subsequent bouts had to be cancelled.

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