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Grupo Mecula has daily buses to Nacala (US$4, two to three hours); Pemba (US$7, seven hours); Quelimane (US$14, 11 hours); Montepuez (US$7, eight hours); and Mueda (US$12, 13 hours). All depart at 5am except the bus to Nacala, which departs at 1pm. Departures are from the Grupo Mecula garage

(in the area known as 'Roman') on Rua da Moma, just off Av 25 de Setembro and one block south of Rua Cidade de Mo<,ambique.

To Ilha de Mo<,ambique (US$3.60, three to four hours), there are chapas departing between about Sam and 11am from Padaria Nampula transport stand along Av do Tra-balho, east of the train station. Look for one that's going direct - many that say they're going to the island go only as far as Monapo, where you'll need to wait for another vehicle. Currently, the best connection is on the tanzaniano chapa departing Nampula about 10am (get there about 9am to be sure of a seat) and continuing more or less nonstop to Ilha. Alternatively, ask for one of the other tanzaniano chapas, which depart Nampula anywhere between around 7am and 10am, depending on how early they arrive from Ilha. The Padaria Nampula transport stand is also the place to find chapas to Mossuril, Namapa, and other points north and east.

Transport to Angoche (US$4.80, three hours) departs from Muahvire bairro, along the extension of Av das FPLM, beginning about Sam.

Chapas to Ribaue and Mocuba (US$11, eight hours) leave from the western end of Av do Trabalho, about 2.5km west of the train station near the Ribaue road junction in the Faina area. There are also buses several times weekly from here to Cuamba, and the road is in decent shape most of the way, although most people go by train. If you drive, there's accommodation en route at Complexo Turistico Malaya (ยง 26-340004; d US$22; ) in Malema, with small and surprisingly decent rondavels, and a restaurant.

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