Buir Nuur byhp hwp

This vast lake in eastern Mongolia is well known for the large stocks of fish. Amur Carp is the main species of fish in the lake, although it also contains taimen, grayling and lenok, among others. Most of the fish end up on the plates of Chinese restaurants as the northern shore is actually in China. The 40km lake has a maximum depth of 50m and is especially popular with mosquitoes so bring lots of repellent or you'll need a blood transfusion!

The lake is also great for bird-watching. Head for the northeast area around the Khalkhiin Gol delta.

Halfway between the lake and Choibalsan, a local family has erected an Eco-ger (per person T5000) for passing tourists. The family that runs the place can provide meals. The turn-off to the ger is marked with a sign.

The only way to Buir Nuur is by chartered jeep from Choibalsan, 285km away over a flat dirt road, which occasionally gets flooded.

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