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Side Trips from Dubai

n many ways, Dubai is about as unreal a city as they come. It's a flashy desert metropolis that many have compared to Las Vegas without gambling, a place where people from around the world come to bask in the sun, have fun, make money, and be part of a fascinating urban experience. You can easily spend all your time in Dubai and not run out of things to do. In fact, Dubai offers so much to visitors luxury resorts, beautiful beaches, incredible shopping, endless indoor and outdoor activities, great dining, exciting nightlife that it's unlikely you'll want to leave. But for all its appeal, Dubai is not the only place you should visit while in the UAE.

Commercial Campgrounds

Profit, obviously, is the motivating force at all commercial campgrounds. Large or small, they are in business to make money, and that's good for the camper. Competition - and there's more than many of them would like - means the commercial campgrounds are constantly striving to improve facilities and services. Generally, commercial campgrounds are clean, tidy and well cared for. Security in smaller campgrounds often leaves a lot to be desired, but is taken much more seriously at larger establishments, where gates are manned 24 hours a day and on-site personnel patrol the grounds.

Dangers Annoyances

'You wanna buy cigar, my fren ' - this refrain will follow you throughout the country. Welcome to the land of the jintero or tout, a profession raised to an art form by the Cubans, who, in their defense, have very few other ways to make money. Learn quickly to ignore them, don't make eye-contact, say 'no thank you' clearly but firmly, never stop walking, and when you're asked where you're from, choose somewhere obscure (this avoids a rehearsed and interminably cutesy patter about your jintero's sister working as a nurse

Busker Heaven byTim Hornyak

But travellers who keep going towards NHKHall (Map p106) will meet an amazing parade of rockers, rappers, folk singers, acrobats and undassifiable misfits who are out to show off their skills. They can be found on the sidewalk lining Yoyogi-koen and in the pedestrian lane between the parkand Koen-dori leading to Shibuya Station (the lane also hosts ethnic and organic food fairs as well as flea markets). These performers are a th rowbackto the days of the takenoko-zoku (bamboo-shoot tribe), youth who thronged here in the 1970s and 1980s in colourful, exotic costumes to dance and sing. The weekend scene got so popular and crowded that authorities shut it down in the early 1990s, but these vestiges are still highly entertaining-you'll find everything from manzai stand-up comics to inscrutable men in white bodystockings. Most are out to promote themselves and have fun, not make money. This cornucopia of independent talent is the flipside of Tokyo's conformity, homogeneity and corporatism....

Choosing A Hotel In China

Your second choice should be a wholly Chinese hotel with foreigners in senior management, whose main purpose is simply to be there and make sure that things actually happen. But in this type of hotel and in the joint-venture, the general manager may be ignorant as to what's actually going on Perhaps the transport department uses hotel vehicles for private hires to make money on the side the human resources manager rejects applicants whose experience may be threatening and make a good income from bribes to ensure that the housekeeper's nephew gets a job in security the front office manager institutes a system of fines, and pockets them himself or the doormen charge taxis to be allowed to wait in the rank.

Before They Were Famous

American millionaires discovered Antibes-Juan les Pins at the beginning of the 20th century. They built enormous mansions on the Cap d'Antibes or took over ones built half a century earlier, like Eilenroc, designed by Charles Garnier in the the 1860s. By the 1920s and 30s, the era the French call l'age du pyjama, they had turned it into a winter resort on their social schedule of Europe. In the 1960s the jazz connection was formalized with launch of Jazz a Juan, one of Europe's oldest jazz festivals. Today, the festival, in a pine wood named after American millionaire Jay Gould, continues to attract top jazz musicans from throughout the world. Recent performers have included Marcus Miller, Wynton Marsalis, Salif Keita, Diana Krall, James Carter and Joshua Redman.

Denver Chophouse and Brewery LoDo Red Meat

This dark, old-fashioned joint is part of the same company as the Walnut Brewery in Boulder the brewmasters are different, though, so the beer is a slightly different experience, and the food is on another level entirely. No pub fare here, this is the place for steaks, chops, and surf-and-turf. Vegetarians, I apologize. Reputedly, it's a popular hangout for victorious Broncos and Avalanche players after home games, so if you want to rub shoulders with large, sweaty millionaires, this is the place to go. Make reservations, especially on game days.

Us Involvement Not The Republic Cubans Envisioned

Havana was effectively ruled by a group of millionaires greater than anywhere else in Latin America, a distortion that allowed Cuban officials to claim that Cuba had the second-highest per capita income in the region. The capital was overrun by brothels, casinos, and gangsters, with high rollers in zoot suits transforming the city into their personal playground. Meanwhile, most of the country was mired in poverty, and more than half of all Cubans were undernourished in 1950. The nascent republic's unequivocal dependence on the United States, corruption, and absence of social equality reinforced the seeds of discontent that had been planted as far back as the 1920s.

British Virgin Islands

It holds most of the population and commerce, and its demeanor is a little bit stern as a result. That doesn't mean it won't let its hair down at a full-moon party or out on the bay windsurfing. Virgin Gorda is the BVIs' beauty, beloved by movie stars, millionaires and yachties. Somehow she's maintained her innocence, with a clutch of exceptional national parks. Jost Van Dyke is the jovial island, where a man named Foxy is king and 'time flies when you ain't doin' shit,' as the T-shirts proclaim. Not-like-the-others Anegada floats in a remote reef if you're looking to get away from it all, this atoll has a hammock waiting. Then there are the sprinkling of out islands - some uninhabited, some with just a beach bar, some with shipwrecks to dive on. You'll need your own boat to reach them, but since the BVIs are the world's charter-boat capital, you're in luck.

The Haughty Hotels of Nob Hill

Halli die's invention of the cable car in the 1870s (San Francisco's golden era) made the hills much more accessible, and those first forward-looking residents soon were followed by a long line of millionaires who recognized the potential value of the real estate atop the hill. They included, among others, the Big Four (Crocker, Hopkins, Huntington, and Stanford) who built the Central (later Southern) Pacific Railroad, and the Bonanza Kings (O'Brien, Flood, Fair, and Mackay) who struck it rich with the Comstock Lode. They were the nabobs who gave Nob Hill its name. 1. Grace Cathedral, which stands on the site of the old Charles Crocker mansion. Crocker was among the first group of millionaires to build on Nob Hill, and, like Mark Hopkins's wife, Crocker stuffed his redwood

New York City timeline

With industry booming, the late 19th century was termed the Gilded Age. New York City was an example of this label in action millionaires built mansions on Fifth Avenue, while rows of tenements teeming with families (made up of the cheap, mostly immigrant laborers who were employed by the industrial barons) filled the city's districts. In 1880, the city's population boomed to 1.1 million.

Leadville Colorado Southern Railroad

1879, the 880-seat opera house was once part of the Silver Circuit that brought famous actors and singers west to perform for the newly minted millionaires and miners. For 4 ( 2 for kids under 12), you can walk through the opera house while listening to an audio-taped history play over the theater's speakers. It's fun to see the catacombs, dressing rooms, and stage, but for 4, it'd be nice to see a movie, too. It's open Monday through Saturday in summer from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Colonisation Occupation Singapore Under the British

Despite a massive fall in rubber prices in 1920, prosperity continued, immigration soared and millionaires were made almost overnight. In the 1930s and early '40s, politics dominated the intellectual scene. Indians looked to the subcontinent for signs of the end of colonial rule, while Kuomintang (Nationalist) and Communist Party struggles in the disintegrating Republic of China attracted passionate attention. Opposition to Japan's invasions of China in 1931 and 1937 was near universal in Singapore.

Terror In The Capital

In October 2003, the cosy world of Moscow millionaires was rocked by the arrest of Russia's richest man, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, for tax evasion. The event marked a turning point in postcommunist politics. Soon after taking office, President Putin summoned the anxious oligarchs to the Kremlin for a chat. Putin clarified his position on their ill-gotten gains stay out of politics, invest in Russia and you can hold on to your wealth. Khodorkovsky apparently was unimpressed. The brash billionaire actively opposed the government's effort to raise taxes on the energy sector, he financed the electoral campaigns of Putin's political rivals, set up his own nongovernmental organisation and speculated about running for the presidency himself in 2008.

Travel Your Tastebuds

If you're a gastronomic adventurer, start your culinary odyssey with salade de palmiste, a delectable salad made from the bud of the palmiste palm trees, known as the 'heart of palm'. The palm dies once the bud is removed, earning this wasteful salad delicacy the title 'millionaire's salad'. For something a bit more unusual, try carri bichiques (a sprat-like delicacy), which is dubbed le caviar r unionnais (R unionnais caviar). You might need to seek out larves de gu pes (wasps' larvae), another local delicacy that is available from April to October. Fried and salted, they reputedly increase sexual stamina.

Wwwoxfordstreetcouk The old

East of Oxford Circus, it forms the northern border of Soho to the west, the one great landmark is Selfridges, a huge Edwardian pile fronted by giant Ionic columns, with the Queen of Time riding the ship of commerce and supporting an Art Deco clock above the main entrance.The store was opened in 1909 by Chicago millionaire Gordon Selfridge, who flaunted its 130 departments under the slogan, Why not spend a day at Selfridges he was later pensioned off after running into trouble with the Inland Revenue.

Eco Cultural Adventures Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens owes its existence to the intellectual and philanthropist Archer Huntington (1870-1955) - heir of late 19th-century transportation multi-millionaire Collis P. Huntington and his wife, Anna Hyatt Huntington (1876-1973). Prior to their marriage in 1923 and afterwards, she was a sculptress of no little renown. In 1930, for the sake of Anna's health, they traveled to the South Carolina Low Country in search of a suitable property. In fact, they found four, which together comprised 9,000 acres between the Waccamaw River and the Atlantic Ocean. Brookgreen, Laurel Hill, Springfield and the Oaks had been thriving rice plantations up until the time of the Civil War, but had since fallen into disrepair.

Walking Routes and Promenades

Taking about an hour to complete at a gentle pace, this loop around Victoria Peak, formed by Harlech and Lugard Roads, offers jaw-dropping city panoramas to the north, boundless sea views to the south, and glimpses of millionaire homes among the greenery en route (see pp8-9).

On Your Own Beyond Walking Distance

Craigdarroch Castle You have to take a cab to see Craigdarroch Castle, the elaborate home of millionaire Scottish coal-mining magnate Robert Dunsmuir, who built the place in the 1880s. The four-story, 39-room Highland-style castle is topped with stone turrets and furnished in opulent Victoria splendor. 1050 Joan Crescent. & 250 592-5323. Admission 7 adults, 2.40 children.

Victoria Albert Waterfront

Recent developments at the Waterfront include the millionaire's playground of the V& fl Marina with some 600 apartments and 200 boat moorings, and the construction of Nobel Square (Map pp116-17 Dock Rd). Claudette Schreuders designed the larger than life statues of South Africa's four Nobel Prize winners Nkosi Albert Luthuli, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and former presidents FW De Klerk and Nelson Mandela. It's fast become a visitors' favourite, not least for the chance to be photographed standing shoulder to shoulder with Madiba.

Virgin Islands National Park

In the early 1950s, US millionaire Laurence Rockefeller discovered and fell in love with St John, which was nearly abandoned at the time. He purchased large tracts of the land, built the Caneel Bay resort, and then donated more than 5000 acres to the US government. The land became a national park in 1956, and over the years the government added a couple thousand more acres. Today Virgin Islands National Park covers two-thirds of the island, plus 5650 acres underwater.

Reform A New Optimism

Self-made millionaire Marc Ravalomanana began his path to success by pedalling around his hometown on a bicycle selling pots of homemade yogurt. By the time he became mayor of Antananarivo in 1999, his company, Tiko, was the biggest producer of dairy products in Madagascar and he was able to give away his yogurt to supporters on the streets. On election, he started to clean up the capital and won huge popularity.

Museum Of Decorative Applied Arts

In 1878, the millionaire Baron Stieglitz founded the School of Technical Design and wanted to surround his students with world-class art to inspire them. He began a collection, continued by his son, that was to include a unique array of European and Oriental glassware, porcelains, tapestries, furniture and paintings. Between 1885 and 1895, a building designed by architect Max Messmacher was constructed to house the collection, and this building also became a masterpiece. Each hall is decorated in its own, unique style, including Italian, Renaissance, Flemish and baroque. The Terem Room, in the style of the medieval Terem Palace of Moscow's Kremlin, is an opulent knockout.

The Authors Choice

Baras Beach Resort ( 0917 241 1422, 0917 9401501 cottages from P700) Watching the sun set over the rocky islets that dot the bay from your private bamboo balcony, you begin to think you must be a millionaire to be able to afford such a privileged existence. It's an understatement to say that the 10 spacious wooden cottages with nipa roofs and cold-water bathrooms are good value at this warm, family-run operation. The kitchen cooks up inspired meals with Indonesian and Malaysian flavour (buffet dinner P250).

Sights Activities

The stately Folk Museum (Odhos Antika 5-7 admission free S 8.30am-2.30pm Wed-Fri & 10.30am-3pm Sat & Sun) stands in adjacent mansions, formerly the residences of the tobacco-millionaire Kougioumtzoglu brothers. The downstairs has been beautifully restored to create an atmosphere of 1930s life, while the original ceiling and wall paintings upstairs are lavish and imaginative.

Everglades City Motel

Millionaire railroad man and Everglades City Founder Barron G. Collier built this bank building in 1923 as the center of his realm. Rum runners, alligator hunters, fur traders, and other pioneers formed the clientele. Built like a fort, the building survived countless hurricanes. During Hurricane Donna in 1962, five feet of water filled the vault, soaking all the money inside. Employees rushed to pin more than a million dollars on a clothesline to dry, keeping watch all night to prevent any unwanted withdrawals. Not a single dollar was lost.

Space Tourism Russian Style

Ever fancied flying into space, or at twice the speed of sound In Russia, it can be arranged - at a price. In April 2001 American billionaire Dennis Tito made history as the first paying customer of the Russian Space Agency, forking out a cool US 20 million to pay a week-long visit to the International Space Station. In April 2002 another millionaire, South African Mark Shuttleworth, followed in Titos' space boots.

Where to find the best New York panorama

How to stay out of trouble Crime and big cities are firmly linked in many people's minds, and since New York is the big city, it must be Crime City too, right Well, no. In fact, it doesn't even make the Top 100. In recent years, the major crime rate has fallen faster in New York than in any other U.S. city. New York has 38,400 cops keeping it that way. Frankly, I've felt more nervous out in the sticks. Most New Yorkers have cultivated a certain way of moving about the city that functions like a protective shield they act as if they know where they're going, even when they don't. The New York Police Department advises visitors not to flash their cash, credit cards, and expensive jewelry men should keep their wallets in front pants pockets, and women shouldn't let their handbags dangle or hang from the backs of chairs fasten all the locks at the hotel, and put your valuables in the safe. People will tell you not to make eye-contact on the subway, or even out on the street, and it's...

King Taufaahau Tupou Iv

The present king is Taufa'ahau Tupou IV, Queen Salote's son. He'll perhaps be best remembered for his involvement in cosdy get-rich-quick schemes, including selling Tongan passports, satellite slots and even flags of convenience. In 2002, the Tongan flag was spotted on the Red Sea, emblazoned on a ship transporting armaments to the Middle East. American businessman Jesse Bogdonoff, not so affectionately known as the court jester, persuaded the king to invest over T 50 million in offshore businesses the money hasn't been seen since. In 2005, the king promised that millions of dollars would arrive in the Reserve Bank, courtesy of unknown foreign investors popularly suspected to be email fraudsters.

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'A person without education is like a beast wearing clothes' is a proverb that nails Korea's obsession with education. Two or three degrees are the norm, preferably including one from overseas. However everyone incessantly complains about this manic pursuit and a few families are now encouraging a get-rich-quick attitude in their kids, unheard of earlier.

Stroll Through Historic Chinatown

Chinese laborers from the Guangdong Province first came to work on Hawaii's sugar and pineapple plantations in the 1850s. They quickly figured out that they would never get rich working in the fields once their contracts were up, some started up small shops and restaurants in the area around River Street.

The European Slave Trade

There has always been slavery in Africa (slaves were often the by-products of intertribal warfare, and the Arabs and Shirazis who dominated the East African coast took slaves by the thousands), but it was only after Portuguese ships arrived off the African coast in the fifteenth century that slaving turned into an export industry. The Portuguese in West Africa, the Dutch in South Africa and other Europeans who came after them were initially searching for lucrative trade routes, but they soon saw how African slavery worked and were impressed with how slaves helped fuel agricultural production. They figured that slaves would be just the thing for their huge American sugar plantations. At the same time, African leaders realised they could extend their kingdoms by waging war, and get rich trading with Europeans, whose thirst for slaves (and gradual insistence that slaves be exchanged for guns) created a vicious circle of conflict.

Capitalism with Chinese Characters

In rural China the 'Responsibility System' allowed people to sell their agricultural surpluses on the open market and this greatly changed life for the better in the Southwest. In 1993 Deng Xiaoping famously proclaimed that 'to get rich is glorious' as the government began to trim down capital-squandering, state-owned industries. The new 'ideology' was declared 'socialism with Chinese characteristics'. Deng was hardly an economic guru, but his tinkering unleashed the long-repressed capitalist instincts of the Chinese.

Fun Fact Lucky Numbers

The layout of imperial Beijing is based on an ancient system of numerology that still resonates today. Odd numbers are seen as yang (male, positive, light) and are more auspicious than even numbers, which are viewed as yln (female, negative, dark). Three is a positive number, as seen in the three-tiered platforms that are reserved for Beijing's most sacred structures-Tahe Diin in the Forbidden City Ta Miao, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests at Tian Tin and Chsng Ling at the Ming Tombs. It's also the number chosen for China's latest political theory, the Three Represents, which explains how a Communist party can be staffed by capitalists. Four (si), as a yin number, signifies submission. When the emperor carried out sacrifices at the Temple of Heaven, he would face north and bow four times. It's also faintly homophonous with death (si), and is the most inauspicious number in present-day China. Mio, the Communist Party, and the Chinese people all escaped blame for the horror of the...

Chattanooga Choo Choo

No visit to Chattanooga would be complete without a stop at the famed Chattanooga Choo Choo. Unfortunately, it has become something of a commercial giant, oriented more toward making money than its historical heritage. It's located in a particularly seedy district, although the city is working hard to refurbish the area.

The Northsouth Divide

When it comes to the older generation, the South has never forgiven the North for bulldozing their war cemeteries, imposing communism and blackballing whole families. The North has never forgiven the South for siding with the Americans against their own. Luckily for Vietnam, the new generation seems to have less interest in their harrowing history and more interest in making money. Today there is only one Vietnam and its mantra is business.

Society In Transition

After 'a testing time for the people of Hong Kong', as the Hong Kong Yearbook summed it up at the end of 1967, Hong Kong got on with the business of making money, which included improving the territory's infrastructure. In 1973 the first 'New Town' - Sha Tin - was completed, marking the start of a massive and unprecedented public-housing programme that would, and still does, house millions of Hong Kong people.

Colonial Period Independence

Fiji's first postindependence election was won by the indigenous Fijian Alliance Party (FAP), and Fijians were at first optimistic about their future. However, underlying racial tensions grew as the economy worsened. Most shops and transport services were (and still are) run by Indo-Fijian families, and a racial stereotype developed portraying Indo-Fijians as being obsessed with making money. In reality, just like indigenous Fijians, the vast majority of Indo-Fijians belonged to poorer working classes and - unlike indigenous Fijians - they would never be able to have secure land tenure on their farming leases.

Biblical Significance

Cenchreae is mentioned twice in the New Testament, in Acts 18 18 and Romans 16 1. After his stay at Corinth, Paul sailed for Syria from Cenchreae. He also cut his hair there, for he had a vow. Apparently this was a Nazarite vow of consecration (Num 6 5) in which the hair would not be cut until the vow had been fulfilled. We are not told what the vow concerned. In Romans 16 18 a woman named Phoebe, whom Paul called a deacon and benefactor of the church at Cenchreae, seems to have been given the important task of carrying Paul's letter to the Romans. The term benefactor, or patron, was used of wealthy individuals in the Greek and Roman world who made generous donations for the support of temples. In addition to the fact that Phoebe had the resources and the freedom to travel to distant Rome, this term indicates that she was a woman of means. Leadership roles such as this for women were not unusual in the Roman world of the 1st century, or in Asia Minor, as they would have been in...

Location and History

(The long walls that stretched on either side of this road for protection, connected to the existing city walls, were not erected until 450 b.c.e.) Periander dreamed of opening a canal across the isthmus, as had his father, but was unable to accomplish the difficult project. Instead he constructed the diolkos, a stone roadway that permitted small ships to be skidded in grooves on a wheeled platform from one side of the isthmus to the other. This development enabled vessels to go to either gulf without having to sail around the tip of the Peloponnese, a particularly treacherous stretch of water. Sailors in the early centuries had a saying When you circle Cape Maleae, say goodbye to home (Strabo, Geography 8.6.21). Not coincidentally, the diolkos also enabled Corinth to become rich from its charges for such convenience.

Planning Your Trip to Las Vegas

Professional gambler and longtime Las Vegas resident Anthony Curtis, author of Bargain City Booking, Betting, and Beating the New Las Vegas, knows all the angles for stretching your hotel, restaurant, and, most importantly, gaming dollar. His 12-page monthly newsletter, the Las Vegas Advisor, is chock-full of insider tips on how to maximize your odds on every game, which slot tournaments to enter, casino promotions that represent money-making opportunities for the bettor, where to obtain the best Fun Books (coupon books full of freebies and discounts), which hotel offers a 12-ounce margarita for or a steak dinner for 3, what the best buffet and show values in town are, and much, much more.

The Party After The Party

Moscow, in particular, has prospered. The city s congested roadways are replete with luxury driving machines. The new economy has spawned a small group of 'New Russians , who are alternately derided and envied for their garish displays of wealth. According to Forbes magazine, the Russian capital boasts the largest contingent of resident billionaires in the world. (Russia ranks second only to the US in total billionaires.) And in 2005, Yelena Baturina, property magnate and wife of Mayor Luzhkov, became Russia s first female billionaire.

The Russian Federation

Meanwhile Yeltsin's health deteriorated to the point where even the Kremlin had to admit he might be suffering from something worse than 'a cold'. In November he underwent quintuple heart bypass surgery. While Yeltsin slowly recuperated, much of 1997 saw a series of financial shenanigans and deals that became known variously as the 'War of the Oligarchs' or the 'War of the Bankers'. These were nothing more than power grabs by the various Russian billionaires. On occasion Yeltsin would make a grand show of exerting his authority, as he did in 1998 when he sacked the government for its bad economic management.

Roney Palace Resort And

The Roney is a classic oceanfront destination that recently completed a multi-million-dollar renovation, and is within walking distance of the Miami Beach Convention Center and Lincoln Road. Beach lovers can enjoy 600 feet of golden sands, a private beach club, a new indoor-outdoor caf and an ocean-front bar & grill. A tropically landscaped fantasy pool is surrounded by a vast deck, and poolside food and beverage service are offered.

Auroras Amazing Makeover

Until recently, the diminutive village of Aurora fj was just a little-known town speck in the Finger Lakes, albeit one with million-dollar views from the east shore of Cayuga Lake. It basically consisted of a main street, a tiny women's college, and an idiosyncratic ceramics factory. Lately, though, it has been awash in rumor and controversy as well as construction. Whispers could be heard all over the Finger Lakes Did you hear about the town that rich woman bought As it turns out, Pleasant Rowland, who attended Wells College in Aurora and made a fortune with her American Girl dolls, decided to endow the college and town with a series of gifts, many of which are multimillion-dollar restorations of historic buildings owned by the college. She also purchased and is on the road to resurrecting MacKenzie-Childs, a whimsical but previously bankrupt ceramics maker. Rowland's Aurora Foundation has gutted and redone the 1833 Aurora Inn 391

Holiday Inn La Concha

Built in 1925 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, La Concha hosted royalty, presidents, and legendary authors such as Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams in its heyday but, by the early 1980s, only the rooftop bar was still open and the rest of the hotel was in disrepair. A massive, multi-million-dollar renovation restored it to its former glory, and the hotel re-opened in 1986.

Around Sevastopol Balaklava Baia KiaBa

Thinking of the full-face ski mask to which it gave its name - the 19th-century equivalent of a 'hoodie' - you might not be expecting Balaklava to be particularly beautiful. But, oh, it is. Arid, scrub-covered hills rise on either side of a narrow, curving blue bay once reserved for secret Cold War manoeuvres. Now the former Soviet Union elite park their multi-million-dollar yachts in the inlet's Mediterranean-like waters, while humble fishing boats ferry tourists to nearby coastal beaches with names like 'Golden' and 'Silver'. Overlooking the whole scene are three Genoese towers, beyond which the headland offers a bird's-eye view of the cove and the Black Sea. And that's when you may wish you had a balaclava - to keep your jaw from dropping off.

The Windward Coast

From the Pali Highway, to the right is Kailua, Hawaii's biggest beach town, with more than 50,000 residents and two special beaches, Kailua and Lanikai, begging for visitors. Funky little Kailua is lined with million-dollar houses next to tarpaper shacks, antiques shops, and bed-and-breakfasts. Although the Pali Highway (Hwy. 61) proceeds directly to the coast, it undergoes two name changes, becoming first Kalanianaole Highway from the intersection of Kamehameha Highway (Hwy. 83) and then Kailua Road as it heads into Kailua town but the road remains Highway 61 the whole way. Kailua Road ends at the T intersection at Kalaheo Drive, which follows the coast in a northerly and southerly direction. Turn right on South Kalaheo Drive to get to Kailua Beach Park and Lanikai Beach. No signs point the way, but you can't miss them.

Times Square and the Theater District

The towering signs and flashing lights of Times Square, the gnarly trafficked area just north of 42nd Street where Sixth and Seventh avenues instersect with Broadway, bring a whole new meaning to the term sensory overload. Thousands of visitors pass through daily, some to see the spot of the famous New Year's Eve countdown celebration and gaze upon the formerly seedy yet now garishly ostentatious display of media and commercialism. The adjoining Theater District and its million-dollar Broadway productions still draw crowds, while Hell's Kitchen to the immediate west offers innumerable restaurants as well as a gritty nightlife.

Best San Francisco Travel Experiences

Strolling along the Embarcadero to Aquatic Park This is a quintessential San Francisco activity, ideally experienced on a sunny day. I love to begin near the baseball park, although exiting Muni at the Embarcadero (see Chapter 8) and starting there is more convenient. With the water on one side and city landmarks on the other, a leisurely walk past the piers, through Fisherman's Wharf (see Chapter 8), leads to Aquatic Park and the Municipal Pier. Be sure to hike all the way to the end of the pier, stopping to see what, if anything, the anglers have caught. You'll be rewarded with million-dollar bay vistas.

Getting to Ouray and Silverton

Ouray and Silverton are strung along U.S. 550, which links Durango and Montrose. Silverton lies 47 miles north of Durango on U.S. 550. Ouray is a harrowing 26-mile drive north of Silverton, via the 11,008-foot-high Red Mountain Pass on a stretch of Highway 550 known as The Million Dollar Highway (it was once used to move lots of precious minerals out of Silverton). Ouray is 37 miles south of Montrose.

Around Jinja Bujagali Falls

More a series of large rapids than a conventional waterfall, Bujagali Falls (admission USh2000) remains one of Uganda's outstanding natural beauty spots, and is very popular with locals on weekends. This is one of East Africa's more laid-back locations and it is well worth setting some time aside to chill for a few days. A lot of travellers end up staying out here before or after a rafting trip, as there are two popular camping grounds here. During our last visit, a deal was signed for a multi-million dollar resort to be built here, so things may change very fast and don't be too disappointed if there is some serious construction going on in the area. There is also the chance that the controversial Bujagali Falls Dam will finally go ahead, having been suspended several times due to corruption. One way or the other, change is coming, but there will still be adrenaline and adventure in large doses.

From Jungle To City To Diving Mecca

Once the fighting was over and the Americans were to return home, there was the problem of all the surplus war equipment. The USA offered local planters and the Condominium government the chance to buy the equipment and supplies. But they stalled, hoping, perhaps, to get it all for nothing. Their plan backfired, because the Americans dumped the lot. Everything from bulldozers, aero engines, trucks and jeeps to crates of Coca-Cola and canned food went into the sea at what is now Million Dollar Point. The coral-encrusted equipment, and the wreck of a boat that was trying to nick some of it, make the point a popular diving and snorkelling spot (see p54).

The Arrival Of Moose In The Delta

It's worth driving to the end of the road and the base of the Million Dollar Bridge. The bridge, which once connected Cordova to points north, was damaged in the 1964 earthquake. Boards have been laid across it, and it is possible, though not advisable, to drive across. The road becomes impassable about two miles beyond the bridge.

Windward Oahu Hikes Hauula Loop

For a million-dollar view of the Windward Coast, take this 11-mile (one-way) foothill trail. The trail head is about 6 miles from downtown Honolulu, on the windward side of the Nuuanu Pali Tunnel, at the scenic lookout just beyond the hairpin turn of the Pali Highway (Hwy. 61). Just as you begin the turn, look for the scenic overlook sign, slow down, and pull off the highway into the parking lot (sorry, no bus service available).

On the Dinosaur Trail

It is the only surviving record of a dinosaur stampede on Earth. The trackways were undiscovered until 1962, and are now part of the Queensland Heritage Trails Network (see box p. 253). Recent multi-million-dollar conservation works include a protective building over the tracks to conserve the footprints by controlling the temperature, humidity, and moisture levels, and an elevated walkway for best viewing and photography of the tracks. A lookout offers panoramic views over the vast Lark Quarry environmental park. There are also interpretive displays, picnic tables, and toilets.

Tsim Sha Tsui East Hung Hm

From the chic blonde-wood-and-chrome lobby and atrium to the rooftop sports complex (25m pool, putting green and tennis court with million-dollar views), the Royal Garden ticks all the boxes. The rooms are highly specced with plasma screens and large, comfortable beds. You should be able to secure large discounts off the quoted rates. Sabatini (p193), on the 3rd floor, is one of the best Italian restaurants in Hong Kong.

Chicago Fed Visitors Center Loop

The Visitors Center at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is a quick stop-off if you're touring the Loop. More than just the standard history-of-banking displays, the center has kid-friendly features such as a giant cube that holds a million dollars, and an exhibit that lets you try detecting counterfeit bills. And there's even a section that enables visitors to pretend to wield the power of the Fed for a moment, showing how changes in interest rates affect the economy. Free guided tours are offered weekdays at 1 p.m. Allow 30 minutes for the tour.

The Smithsonian Museums

Wealthy English scientist James Smithson (1765-1829), the illegitimate son of the duke of Northumberland, never explained why he willed his vast fortune to the United States, a country he had never visited. Speculation is that he felt the new nation, lacking established cultural institutions, most needed his bequest. Smithson died in Genoa, Italy, in 1829. Congress accepted his gift in 1836 2 years later, half a million dollars' worth of gold sovereigns (a considerable sum in the 19th century) arrived at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. For the next 8 years, Congress debated the best possible use for these funds. Finally, in 1846, James Polk signed an act into law establishing the Smithsonian Institution and authorizing a board to receive all objects of art and of foreign and curious research, and all objects of natural history, plants, and geological and miner-alogical specimens . . . for research and museum purposes.

Chongwenmen Qianmen or Wangfujing

Here the fire was as hot as anywhere. A cannon ball came through the wall of this legation and carried off the head of Mr Wagener, a gentleman in the customs service. I was told by good authorities that this burned district, destroyed ruthlessly and uselessly, represented, at a low estimate, five million dollars' worth of property.

The Dakotas Gambling Scene

The casino was put in place on the premise that the gambling would generate funds to restore the deteriorating town, a National Historic Landmark. (Old-timers have some lively ongoing discussions about what is and isn't historic.) Gambling originally went on in Deadwood until 1947, its proponents pointed out, and brothels did discreet business until 1980. Gambling was restored in 1989, and now summer visitors gamble as much as a million dollars a day, which should be enough to gold plate the historic buildings in a few years. A lot of restoration has already been completed. Day and evening variety shows with cowboys and dance-hall girls are plentiful, along with live music for dancing, dinner theater suitable for the whole family, and the nightly reenactment of The Trial of Jack McCall, about the man who shot Wild Bill Hickok.

Equatorial Guinea Today

Oil is still the name of the game in Equatorial Guinea. And with the US relying increasingly on sources outside the Middle East for fuel, the country is bound to be crawling with Americans and cash for some time. Perversely, Equatorial Guinea still ranks near the bottom on the most recent UN Human Development Index. The US government's 2006 Human Rights Report reported torture, arbitrary arrest, judicial corruption, child labour, forced labour, and severe restrictions on freedoms of speech and press, and while Obiang stores up tens of millions of dollars in US bank accounts, most of his citizens still live below the poverty rate (most of the 500,000 subjects subsist on less than a dollar a day).

Fin Fact Why There Are No Highways

A tectonic plate under the Pacific Ocean brought the islands of the Southeast Alaska Panhandle from across the globe and squished them up against the plate that carries the landmass of Canada. Along the line of this glancing collision, large glacial mountains thrust up and islands were stretched and torn into the fractured geography that makes the area so interesting. In short, it's just too expensive to build roads through those icy mountains and across the steep, jumbled terrain of the islands. In 2000, Gov. Tony Knowles shelved a plan to build a road to Juneau, the capital city, because of the cost, electing to add more ferries instead. In 2002, the new governor, Frank Murkowski, resurrected the road plan. If the plan is undertaken, it will take many years and many hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Battle For Luang Nam Thas Forests

Across Luang Nam Tha, vast tracts of forest are being cleared to fuel the increasing economic partnership between Lao and China. Cash crops such as banana, corn and sugar cane are replacing traditional agriculture at a rapid pace, as the appetite of the Chinese economy continues to swell. Although the crops have brought millions of dollars to Laos, the ultimate winner is corporate China, and the environmental impact, particularly in the case of rubber plantations, poses a devastating, long-term threat.

The God Of Big Things

Everything about Sai Baba is big the Afro hairdo the big name-devotees, including film stars, politicians and cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar and the money (millions of dollars) pumped into the nearby hospital, schools and university. And there's the big controversy. Allegations of sexual misconduct have led some devotees to lose faith. Others, however, regard such controversy as simply another terrestrial test for their avatar.

The Leningrad Blockade

Romanov ghosts returned to the city on 17 July 1998, when the remains of Tsar Nicholas II, his wife, three of his five children, their doctor and three servants were buried in the family crypt at the SS Peter & Paul Cathedral within the fortress of the same name (p437). Five years later the legacy of the tsars came further under the spodight during St Petersburg's tricentenary celebrations. With millions of dollars having been spent on restoration and refurbishment the city looks better now probably than at any other time in its history - a source of great pride to President Vladimir Putin who wastes no opportunity to return to his birthplace and show it off to visiting heads of state and other dignitaries.

Wildlife In The Territory

Numerous introduced pests are causing trouble in the Territory. In northeast Arnhem Land millions of dollars are being spent on the eradication of the insidious yellow crazy ants, which have caused infestations over an area of more than 25,000 sq km. The ants, believed to have been introduced from Asia during WWII, form 'super colonies' that can be as dense as 1000 ants per sq metre. As well as devouring native plants, they can squirt an acid that blinds other animals.

The Parthenon Of Zihuatanejo

High on a hilltop above Playa Ropa, partially obscured by the encroaching forest, is a crumbling marble mansion that resembles a certain famous Greek temple. Known locally as 'El Parthenon,' it was built in 1982 by Arturo 'El Negro' Durazo Moreno, Mexico City's former police chief. His official salary was a paltry US 400 per month, but Durazo lived like a king, collecting vintage cars and building gaudy houses across Mexico. He spared no expense on the Parthenon, fitting it with Italian marble, statuary, frescoes, an outdoor disco and a huge pool with priceless views of Zihua Bay. Durazo never got to enjoy his spoils. Shortly after its completion, Durazo came under investigation for extorting millions of dollars from his police officers. He fled the country but after a long manhunt was captured and imprisoned for six years. He died in 2000. As for the Parthenon, it's still there languishing like an ancient Greek ruin while the government debates its future. Technically, it's closed to...

The Ghosts of Russian Hill

Russian Hill was a bohemian center long before Telegraph Hill or North Beach, and while the millionaires were busy sprucing up Nob Hill with mansions, the artists and writers of Russian Hill were living in little shacks and cottages, painting the views, drinking cheap wine, and taking part in intellectual discourse. Today, there's still a small community of writers and artists on the hill, but for the most part they've all been driven to other neighborhoods (such as the Mission District) by rising rents.

Where To Roll The Dice

Downtown, stakes are lower, pretensions are nonexistent, and the clientele are often friendlier. You don't have to be a high roller. You would not believe how much fun you can have with a nickel slot machine. You won't get rich, but neither will most of those guys playing the 5 slots, either.

Where To Stay In Around Carlsbad

The White's City arcade contains a post office, a grocery store, a gift shop, the Million Dollar Museum of various antiques and paraphernalia, and Granny's Opera House, a theater for weekend melodramas scheduled intermittently. 17 Carlsbad Cavern Hwy. at NM 7 (P.O. Box 128), White's City, NM 88268. & 800 CAVERNS or 505 785-2291. Fax 505 785-2283. 63 units. May 15 Sept 15 65 115 double Sept 16 May 14 50 80 double. Rates include breakfast. AE, DC, DISC, MC, V. Pets accepted 10 fee. Amenities 2 restaurants 2 outdoor pools tennis court volleyball basketball Jacuzzi game room shopping arcade. In room A C, TV, dataport, coffeemaker, hair dryer, iron.

The Best Utah Sights Tastes Experiences Offthewall Attractions

Located on Highway 89 south of Richfield, off I-70, exit 23 to Sevier, it really does look a little like a mound of caramel. Neither folk singer Burl Ives nor songwriter Harry McClintock ever saw it, but that didn't stop them from making money out of a hit song about it. Folk experts John Lomax and Charles Seeger said the original version, with its lemonade springs and lakes of stew, was sung by old-time hobos to lure young farm boys into a life on the road. Charlie Steen's dream house, Moab. Now the Sunset Grill Restaurant, the dream house sits atop the tallest hill in Moab, north of town on Route 191. (Locals opine that the view surpasses the food, mostly steaks, pasta, and seafood.) Charlie was, you may remember, the Texan who became a millionaire in the uranium market during the Cold War days of the 1950s. He struck pay dirt in 1952, and the rush of miners that followed quadrupled the population of Moab. His mine, named Mi Vida, brought him 60 million...

Monaco and the Riviera

THE FRENCH RIVIERA, stretching from Cannes to the Italian border, is the most mythologized stretch of Mediterranean coastline. In the 19th century its balmy winter climate attracted plutocrats, princes and their entourages, and its clear sunlight and vivid colours drew a new breed of painters. In the 1920s it became a summer resort for the first time, and in the 1950s and 1960s it was the epitome of jet-set chic and the habitat of film stars, musicians and millionaires. You could say that this is where modern tourism really started. In high summer there seems to be hardly a square metre of beach, a yacht mooring, parking space or caf table left vacant, while off-shore or in Antibes' harbour float the cruisers of the mega-rich. This is a coast like no other and all you can do is surrender to its mystique. Meanwhile, the enclave of Monaco, an independent state since the 14th century, has a charader all of its own.

Getting Prepared RVing Tips Hints

Every year RV writer Gaylord Maxwell offers his Life on Wheels RV conference at places such as the University of Idaho, Harrisburg Bethlehem College in Pennsylvania, Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY, Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ, and the area Community College in Des Moines, IA. Seminars cover everything from RV maintenance, safety, money making, photography, computing, and anything else you might want to know about RVing. In addition, Dick Reed will be conducting his driving lessons at most of these conferences. Check the website for specific dates. For information and reservations, call & 866 569-4646 (www.rvlife

Cafes Pastries Wine Bars

CAFES & PASTRIES Verona's grande dame of the local cafe society is the Antico Caffe Dante in the beautiful Piazza dei Signori (no phone). Verona's oldest cafe, it is rather formal indoors (read expensive) where meals are served. But it's most recommended for those who want to soak up the million-dollar view of one of Verona's loveliest ancient squares from the outdoor tables smack in the middle of it all. During the Arena summer season, this is the traditional apres-opera spot to complete and contemplate the evening's experience. It's open from 9am to 4am.

European Explorers Traders

Ethnic tensions became apparent as the economy worsened. In Fiji most shops and transport services were (and still are) run by Indo-Fijian families. A racial stereotype developed portraying Indo-Fijians as obsessed with making money despite the fact that, like indigenous Fijians, the vast majority belonged to poorer working classes and - unlike indigenous Fijians - would never secure land tenure on their farming leases.

Puerto Viejo Marina Beginning Of The

Nothing has got the sleepy residents of Puerto Viejo more animated of late than proposed plans to build a marina out on Playa Negra. US and Costa Rican investors want to build a US 40 million dollar, 389-slip marina. The plans include a shopping center, art and craft vendors, yacht maintenance and repair areas, offices, storage areas and two breakwaters. Obviously, if the plans go ahead they will drastically change the face of the town. Local surfer, Jim Richards said 'We don't want or need a marina here. This is a special town, with a special vibe. All of that will be lost if we allow this to happen. It won't be good for anyone in the town. No one will make money except the already rich investors, who are building this marina.'

The Peoples Constitution the Emergence of Thaksin

In January 2001, billionaire and former police colonel Thaksin Shinawatra became prime minister after winning a landslide victory in nationwide elections - the first in Thailand under the strict guidelines established in the 1997 constitution. Thaksin's new party called Thai Rak Thai (TRT Thais Love Thailand) swept into power on a populist agenda that seemed at odds with the man's enormous wealth and influence.

Festivals In Maharashtra

Hotel Panchavati (430 Chandak Wadi) You can save yourself some time and effort by heading straight for this excellent complex - the four hotels cover every pocket from budget to topend. Kicking off at the cheaper end of the market is the Panchavati Guesthouse ( 2578771 dorms singles doubles Rs 250 400 500), which has clean, cramped rooms and very few foreign guests. Brilliant-value midrange rooms with piping-hot showers and spot-on service are on offer at the Panchavati Yatri ( 2578782 singles doubles from Rs 710 910, with AC Rs 920 1040). The Hotel Panchavati ( 2575771 singles doubles from Rs 950 1190, with AC from Rs 1140 1340) is a pricier option for midrange travellers but the rooms are classier. Last of all is the sumptuous Panchavati Millionaire ( 2312318 singles doubles from Rs 1350 1650).

Fairbanks Alaska Heartland

Fairbanks City Limits Map

If the story of the founding of Fairbanks had happened anywhere else, it wouldn't be told so proudly, for the city's father was a swindler, and its undignified birth contained an element of chance not usually admitted in polite society. As the popular story goes (and the historians' version is fairly close), it seems that in 1901, E. T. Barnette decided to get rich by starting a gold-mining boomtown like the others that had sprouted from Dawson City to Nome as the stampeders of 1898 sloshed back and forth across the territory from one gold find to the next. He booked passage on a riverboat going up the Tanana with his supplies to build the town, having made an understanding with the captain that, should the vessel get stuck, he would lighten the load by getting off with the materials on the nearest bank. Unfortunately, the captain got lost. Thinking he was heading up a slough on the Tanana, he got sidetracked into the relatively small Chena River. That was where the boat got stuck and...

Shopping Bargaining

Since foreigners are often overcharged in China, bargaining is essential. You can bargain (jidngjid) in shops, markets and hotels, but not everywhere. In large shops and department stores where prices are clearly marked, there is usually no latitude for bargaining (although if you ask, the staff sometimes can give you a 10 discount). In small shops and street stalls, bargaining is expected, but there is one important rule to follow - be polite. Keep in mind that entrepreneurs are in business to make money - they aren't going to sell anything at a loss. Your goal should be to pay the Chinese price, as opposed to the foreigners' price - if you can do that, you've done well.

Where to Stay

Your second choice should be a wholly Chinese-owned and -run hotel with foreigners in senior management whose main purpose is to be there and make sure that things actually happen. But in both types of hotel, the general manager may have far less idea than he thinks he has to what's going on The transport department uses hotel vehicles for private hires to make money on

January February

Also known as Chinese New Year, this festival is the high point of the year, kicking off on the first day of the first lunar month. The festival usually falls sometime between late January and mid-February and ushers in a new year marked by one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The weeks in the build-up to the festival are an explosion of colour, with chunlidn (spring couplets) pasted on door posts, door gods brightening up hutong and shops glistening with red and gold decorations. Work colleagues and relatives present each other with red envelopes (hongbdo) of money, the streets ring with cries of 'gdngxifacdi' ('congratulations -make money') and at night they echo to the sound of fireworks going off non-stop. The White Cloud Temple (p97), the Lama Temple (p91) and other temples in Beijing stage entertaining temple fairs (miaohui). Celebrations are also held in parks such as Ditan Park (p86). In 2000, the holiday was officially lengthened from three days to seven, and legions...

City Life

In so many ways Hong Kong has rediscovered its prehandover mojo. The most pressing task for many these days, as in 1997, is to work hard, make money and spend it almost as fast in the malls, teeming markets and at boisterous, happy, restaurant banquets with friends and family. Real estate once again seems like a one-way bet and the other favourite Hong Kong punt, on the horses, is as popular as ever. Don't get your hair cut on a Wednesday (race day) in Hong Kong, they say, for fear the barber will be more intent on the form than your scalp.

The Hussites

Hus was born around 1372 In Huslnec, South Bohemia. From a poor background, he managed to become a lecturer at Charles University In Prague and In 1402 was ordained a preacher. He dreamt of a return to the original doctrines of the church - tolerance, humility, simplicity - but such a message had political overtones for a church that treated forgiveness as an opportunity to make money.

Building The Brand

Dubai has been very successful at building its brand identity, although the nature of this identity depends on where you're viewing it from. In the Indian subcontinent the city wants to be seen as a land of opportunity, a place where people can make money and pursue their ambitions. In Europe, Dubai's a brave new world, a sun-soaked paradise free of the scourges of bureaucracy, rain clouds and income tax. And in the Middle East, Dubai projects itself as an all too rare Arab success story a model Muslim state that proves Islam and modernity are fully compatible.


They started out as love motels, and rooms can still be rented by the hour, but nowadays the modern motels also provide the best-deal accommodation for touring Korea. In general you don't need to worry about where to stay in Korea - motels are so numerous that there's no need to book ahead. How they all make money is a mystery. Invariably priced at W30.000 (but allow up to W10.000 extra for special facilities like a waterbed, Jacuzzi or a computer), the newest ones provide a mid-range style of room at a budget price. Most motel rooms are just regular rooms, although you might find large mirrors, mood lighting and maybe round beds or a free packet of condoms. It's unusual to come across erotic art, and you'll never see bondage gear or whips in the corner


Within the often-battered Indonesian economy, Bali is a relatively affluent province, with tourism providing a substantial hard-currency income, along with the craft and garment industries. Economic problems and unemployment elsewhere in Indonesia have led to an increasing number of people coming to Bali from other islands, hoping for work or for some other way to make money, and this is a continuing source of tension.


Profit is the motivating force at commercial campgrounds. Large or small, they are in business to make money, and that's good for the camper. Competition - and there's a lot of it - means the commercial campgrounds are constantly striving to improve facilities, services and recreational opportunities. Commercial campgrounds are usually clean, tidy and well cared for. Security in the smaller campgrounds often leaves a lot to be desired, but it's taken much more seriously at the larger establishments where gates are manned 24 hours a day and on-site personnel patrol the grounds.


Baksheesh (bohk-sheesh), in the sense of a tip or gift rather than a bribe (an admittedly fine line), is part of life in Bangladesh. Don't see it as begging it's part of Islamic morality that rich people give some of their income to those less fortunate. There are some peculiarities to this system though if you're going to be repeatedly using a service, an initial tip ensures that decent standards will be kept up.

Stjeancap Ferrat pop

On the Cap Ferrat peninsula, the St-Jean-Cap Ferrat, conceals an enclave of millionaires' villas, with illustrious residents both present and past. On the narrow isthmus of the town, the extravagant Mus e de B atrice Ephrussi de Rothschild ( 04 93 01 33 09 www.villa adult student 10 7.30 S 10am-7pm Jul & Aug, to 6pm mid-Feb-Jun, Sep & Oct, 2-6pm Mon-Fri & 10am-6pm Sat & Sun Nov-mid-Feb) gives you an appreciation of the area's wealth. Housed in a 1912 Tuscan-style villa built for the Baroness de Rothschild, it's full of 18th-century furniture, paintings, tapestries and porcelain. A combined ticket with the Villa Grecque K rylos in Beaulieu costs 15 10.40 for adults students. The peninsula also has three walking trails with


Once boasting the world's greatest concentration of millionaires (it's claimed), Sandakan still holds its own in the league tables thanks to bird's nest, fish and palm oil. The town has riches for tourists, too. It's the gateway to East Sabah's natural treasures and boasts some stellar attractions between its green hills and picturesque bay.


The highlights of this neighborhood, stretching from Broadway east to York Street and from 23rd Street south to Colfax Avenue, are its lovely homes. Before the price of silver crashed in the 1890s, the city's first millionaires built ornate Victorian and Queen Anne-style homes in this area west of Denver. The area became run down in the 1950s, but many of its houses have been lovingly restored. New restaurants, bars, and coffee shops popped up to serve this recently gentrified area, particularly along 17th Street. The west side of Uptown borders City Park, home to the Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The southern border of this neighborhood is a gritty but interesting strip of Colfax Avenue, where you can get tattooed, buy vinyl records, load up on incense, and practice kung fu.


Equipped with a prize fund of a million dollars, the Dubai Marathon attracts the biggest names in long-distance running. For the opportunity to compete with them over 26 miles, you have to register by the Reports of Russian millionaires chartering passenger jets so they can return from the Dubai Shopping Festival with planeloads of purchases are probably exaggerated, but the annual instalment of DSF certainly attracts millions of tourists each year. Don't expect to find stupendous bargains in the malls the sale prices are rarely spectacular. Do expect to find plenty of live music, kids' events, sporting activities, nightly fireworks over the Creek, and the hugely popular Global Village, which runs for three months from mid-December.

Supercheap Sleeps

Earl's Court Youth Hostel If you're going to stay somewhere cheap in Earl's Court, you're far better off going to the youth hostel than one of the dozens of super-budget hotels. At least you know what you're getting, and the location is great. This garden square is just north of Old Brompton Road. On the other side of the street, the millionaires' mansions in the Boltons mark the beginning of posh South Kensington. Earl's Court is backpacker central, and they flock to this very lively international hostel. The big, half-stuccoed Victorian building has a good mix of pretty basic dorms, from a few twins up to some with nine beds or more. There are kitchen facilities so you can always supplement the shockingly meager, packed continental breakfast (in fine weather you can take your plate out to the hostel's courtyard garden). When it comes to an evening chow-down, Earl's Court is packed with cheap but often unappetizing restaurants. There are lots of late-night shops, too. If the pennies...


It's the eighth largest city in America, with more millionaires per capita than any other American city. It's an industrial hub that hosted a world's fair. The country's top architects are flocking here to design and construct landmark buildings, including the world's largest office building.

Mount Desert Island

Summer residents of the island, many of them millionaires, are responsible for preserving the 35,000 acres of land in Acadia National Park and handing it over to the government in 1916. John D. Rockefeller, who disliked automobiles and preferred driving through the parklands in a horse-drawn


Don't be surprised if you hear expats make crude generalisations about Emiratis. You may be told they're all millionaires and live in mansions, or that they refuse to work in ordinary jobs, or that all the men have four wives. Such stereotypes simply reinforce prejudices and demonstrate the lack of understanding between cultures in Dubai.

Going To The Dogs

However, this split is oversimplified, and across the country there are pockets of affluence in 'poor' areas, and zones of poverty just a few blocks from Millionaires' Row. But, overall, even though the cost of living in London and the southeast is much higher than elsewhere (double the price for a beer, 10 times more for a house), and despite government efforts to relocate public- and private-sector jobs to 'the regions', people - and the work opportunities that attract them - still seem relendessly drawn to the capital and its environs.

The Bar Scene

Now the priciest real estate in The Bahamas, the island once served as a farm for Nassau and was known as Hog Island. Purchased for 294 by William Sayle in the 17th century, it cost A& P grocery chain heir Huntington Hartford 11 million in 1960. He decided to rename the 6.5km- (4-mile-) long sliver of land Paradise before selling out his interests. Long a retreat for millionaires, the island experienced a massive building boom in the 1980s. Its old Bahamian charm is now gone forever, lost to the high-rises, condos, second homes of the wintering wealthy, and gambling casino that have taken over. The centerpiece of Paradise Island is the mammoth Atlantis Paradise Island Resort & Casino, which has become a nightlife mecca and a sightseeing attraction in its own right.

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