Visit Sorrento, Capri & Amalfi Coast

Every year Sorrento and Amalfi Coasts are showered by tourists and visitors from all around the world, making them vibrant and multiethnic poles.

Sorrento, also known as the land of Mermaids, is full of beautiful gardens with lemon trees and flowers spreading a unique scent all around the streets. The city center is about 700 metres far from the port of Marina Piccola, easily reachable by the comfortable elevator which connects the port with Piazza Tasso, the main square. The city gives birth year by year to new typical restaurants, where to taste the traditional food and drink the best limoncello, and to more and more shops, making Sorrento fashion style more accessible to visitors.

South of Sorrento, continuing on the SS163 main road, you will arrive on the Amalfi Coast; almost 50km of coast characterised by steep cliffs and beautiful little beaches among which colourful villages sparsely rise creating a suggestive landscape. An unavoidable experience is a walk through the narrow alleys in the Amalfi ancient city center, full of typical shops where to buy some souvenirs, some limoncello specialities or high quality handmade sandals!

But along the Amalfi Coast, another pearl has to be mentioned, Positano!

It is a small but lush and evocative city, with narrow streets adorned with colourful flowers, shops and cafes all around. The crystalline sea and the luscious greenery create a unique frame for this area making it one of the most favourite destinations of the entire region!

Finally, a special mention goes to the Isle of Capri, which is the real gem of the Mediterranean Sea. This little isle hosts thousands of visitors every year and it’s not difficult to understand the reason. Capri is a treasure surrounded by the deep blue sea and embraced by Monte Solaro, the highest summit of the isle (589m). It is possible to reach the top thanks to a chairlift which allows passengers to enjoy the view during the way. Needless to say that once there the view is astonishing! The Faraglioni rocks, the greenery, the sea blurring with the sky...

These wonderful locations and all the other beauties of the territory are reachable from one only main street (SS145), which becomes highly busy in the warmer months of the year. It is highly probable to get stuck in lengthy traffic jams, affecting so your journey and your mood!

A valid alternative to the road is travelling by sea. More and more visitors choose this solution to avoid sultry and stressful traffic jams and to enjoy a relaxing journey in the typical Italian style: on boat with the wind in your hair! Excursion Boat Sorrento ( offer the possibility to choose between Private Tours or Group Tours for the Amalfi Coast and Capri, sailing along the suggestive coast of Sorrento Peninsula.

To choose a boat tour will not only allow you to travel in a faster and more comfortable way, but also to experience a completely new and unique view of both the Coasts. You will be able to admire the details of the characteristic coastline, to stop and visit the most famous places of the area and to swim in the marvellous crystalline Mediterranean Sea


Excursion Boat Sorrento, born from a passion for the sea, transformed what was a personal hobby into an amazing experience to be shared with professionalism.

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