Where's a/an ... ? automated teller machine foreign exchange office

Where can I... ? arrange a transfer cash a cheque change a travellers cheque change money get a cash advance withdraw money

Kukanjë...? makinë automatike përtë holla zyrë për këmblm volute

transferim thyejnjëçek thyejnjëçek udhëtlml këmbej valutën marr para në avancé bëj tërheqje parash koo ka nyuh ... ma-tee-nuh a-oo-to-ma-fee-ke puhrtuh to-lla zew-ruhpuhrkuhm-ôeem va-/oo-te doo-a tuh ... koo moond tuh ... tuh buhy nyuh trans-fe-reem thew-ey nyuh chek thew-ey nyuh chek oo-dhuh-fee-mee kuhm-6eyva-/oo-tuhn marrpa-ranuha-ran-tsuh buhy tuhr-/)ec/ï-ye pa-ras/j

What's the...? charge for that commission exchange rate

Sa është...? tarifa për këtë komisioni kursii këmbimit

What time does the bank open?

ta-ree-fapuhrkuh-fo/) ko-mee-see-o-nee koor-see ee kuhm-6ee-meet uhsh-tuh ...

(dewm-buh-d/jye-tuh) le-kuh fa-las nuh c/)o-ruh/w-petto-ka a ka-nuh mbuh-rree-toor pa-ra-tuh e mee-a

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