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Casserole of meat & seafood with tomatoes & pasta thick soup with rice & shellfish seasoned or marinated meat or fish, skewered & chargrilled sweet of sesame seeds & honey, with pistachio or almonds salad of tomatoes, cucumber, olives & feta MnopE va por 0naEi< , napaKa bo r s na vo-i f '-sis pa ra ka- o Mnopw va K vco va ir E(p(ovr pa pu '-ne o a-sti-no mi- fos stath-mos the- o na a-na-fe-ro mia pa-ra-no-m '-a My was were stolen. EkAeiJiciv pou.

Time dates

It's (two) o'clock. Quarter past (one). Half past (one). Quarter to (eight). At what time At Sa sht ora Ora sht nj . Ora sht (dy). (Nj ) e nj erek. (Nj ) e gjysm . (Tet ) pa nj erek. N far ore N sa uhsh-tuh o-ra o-ra uhsh-tuh nyuh o-ra uhsh-tuh (dew) (nyuh) e nyuh che-rek (nyuh)edyews-muh (fe-tuh) pa nyuh che-re r nuhcM -ruho-re nuh Do te qendroj per dotuh chuhn-rfroypuhr I'd like to my Dua ta bileten I'd like a seat, Dua nje vend , nonsmoking ku s'pihet duhan...

Communications banking the internet

Gdye ye mye-sni m-ter-net ka-fich toy-ayetsi-ye-na poso-tu I'd like to check my email get Internet access use a printer Zeiio Zeijeiabill m f provjeriti svoj email pristup internetu koristiti pisac stampac koristiti skener zhe- -o zhe- ye- a bih pro-vye-ri-ti svoy i-meyl pri-stup m-ter-ne-tu ko-r '-sti-ti p '-sach shtam-pach ko-r '-sti-ti s re-ner

H word stress

Stress can fall on any of the last three syllables. In our pronunciation guides, the stressed syllable is always in italics, but in written Greek, the stressed syllable is always indicated by an accent over the vowel, eg KaAa ka-la (good). If a vowel is represented by two letters, it's written on the second letter, eg Oyriavoi zi-f o-nos (beggar). If the accent is marked on the first of these two letters, they should be read separately, eg Maioq ma-i-os (May). Where two vowels occur together...

Language difficulties

A flisnianglisht Do you understand line (nuk) kuptoj. What does (vrapoj) mean How do you pronounce this write (atje) Could you please repeat that speak more slowly aflees-neeanq-leesht a koop-fo-nee oo-nuh (nook) koop-foy chdo tuh f io-tuh fya-la (vra-poy) shqiptohet kjo shkruhet fjala (atje) .Julutem. Perseriteni Flisnime ngadale Shkruajeni shcheep-fo-het kyo shkroo-het fya- a (at-ye) . yoo loo-tern puhr-suh-ree-te-nee flees-nee muh nga-do-luh shkroo-o-ye-nee

Word stress

As a general rule, In two-syllable words In Croatian stress usually falls on the first syllable. In words of three or more syllables, stress may fall on any syllable except the last. In our pronunciation guides, the stressed syllable Is Italicised. Croatian also has what's known as 'pitch accent'. A stressed vowel may have either a rising or a falling pitch and be long or short. The combination of stress, pitch and vowel length In a given syllable occasionally affects the meaning of a word, but...

When will it be ready

Mozeteli razviti ovaj film staviti moj film ufoto-aparat prebaciti fotografije sa mog aparata na CD Trebam film za ovaj foto-aparat. APS Trebam film za ovaj foto-aparat. za dijapozitive brzine (dvijesto) mo-zhe-te li raz-vi-ti o-vai film sto-vi-ti moyfilm u b-to-a-po-rat pre-& i -tsi-ti fo-to-gra-fi-ye sa mog a-pa-ra-ta na tse de fre-bam film za o-vai b-to-a-po-rat ape es fsrnobiyeli to-lor fre-bamfilm za o-vai b-to-a-po-rat za d '-ya-po-zi-ti-ve br-z '-ne (dvi- ye-sto) greetings, goodbyes...

Transport tickets luggage

Gdje mogu kupiti kartu Do I need to book a seat qdye mo-qu ku-p -t kar-tu fre-bam li re-zer-w'-ra-timyes-to mate li klima-uredaj Is there a toilet Imate li zahod toalet How long does the trip take Koliko traje putovanje Is it a direct route Je li to direktan pravac Gdje se nalazipretinac sanduce za odlaganje prtljage gdye se na-la-zi pre-ti-nats sim-du-che za od- iz-ga-nye pit yo-ge Please tell me when we get to (Pula). da li ye o-vo sye-dish-te s o-bod-no u (devet prijepodne) u (de-vet...

Consonant sounds

Most Greek consonant sounds are also found in English - only the guttural gh and kh might need a bit of practice. Double consonants are only pronounced once - aAAo lt o-los other . However, you'll notice that sometimes two Greek letters in combination form one single consonant sound - the combination of the letters p and n makes the sound b, and the combination of the letters v and t makes the sound d. guttural sound, between 'goat'and 'loch'