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Lee Baucom, Ph. D. shows couples with marriage troubles a new way to save their marriage that is far more effective than any marriage counselor in this marriage course. In 4 easy-to-read modules, Dr. Baucom shows the step by step way to save a marriage that is in danger of ending any day. These show the top 5 mistakes that most people make in marriage, the REAL secrets to a happy marriage, why marriage counseling can actually HURT your marriage more, and how to move beyond your emotions into action. This module can actually have you saving your marriage in less than an hour, sometimes even 10 minutes. This book also comes with 4 bonus gifts free: Coping With a Midlife Marriage Crisis, Recovering from an Affair, 5 Rules for Fighting Fair, and an eBook written by a couple who was on the edge of divorce and the methods they used to get a happy marriage back. Marriage can be hard, but divorce is harder, on you and your children. Why risk it? More here...

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The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this manual are precise.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

Eco Cultural Adventures Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens owes its existence to the intellectual and philanthropist Archer Huntington (1870-1955) - heir of late 19th-century transportation multi-millionaire Collis P. Huntington and his wife, Anna Hyatt Huntington (1876-1973). Prior to their marriage in 1923 and afterwards, she was a sculptress of no little renown. In 1930, for the sake of Anna's health, they traveled to the South Carolina Low Country in search of a suitable property. In fact, they found four, which together comprised 9,000 acres between the Waccamaw River and the Atlantic Ocean. Brookgreen, Laurel Hill, Springfield and the Oaks had been thriving rice plantations up until the time of the Civil War, but had since fallen into disrepair.

Valley of the Temples

Greek mythology determined the location, size, and interior decoration of all the temples. Each was dedicated to a particular god or goddess. The omnipresent deities had a variety of duties they controlled the forces of nature, intervened in people's everyday lives, and determined the political life of the city. Depending on the circumstances, a mortal could appeal to a particular god to remedy a situation through intense prayer or sponsoring a ceremony. For matters of farming, people would pray at the Temple of Demeter and Persephone, two native female divinities related to the earth and particularly popular in Sicily. Women who wanted help with their marriage or an upcoming childbirth worshipped primarily at the Temple of Hera. The goddess Hera is best known for her marriage to the almighty Zeus, father of all the gods. Zeus was known for his many amorous adventures and his ability to control the weather. Due mostly to his supreme status, the Zeus temple at Akragas was the largest...

Weddings Russian Style

The ZAGS ceremony has been mocked numerous times in Russian films. The registrar, typically an ageing woman with a funny hairstyle, reads an extremely solemn speech about the virtues of marriage with an intonation leaving no doubt that a happy marriage is something well beyond her experience. The speech is accompanied by usually recorded classical music of the couple's choice, though in wedding palaces there are often live musicians.

Inside A Tunisian Wedding

'It's ludicrous how much it costs to hire a room for a wedding said Khaled dolefully, 'thousands of dinars for just a few hours. People invite everyone they know and everyone they don't. Families are broken by the expense. And then the marriage breaks up a few months later ' He laughed cynically. Not everyone has Khaled's pessimistic attitude to marriage, but everyone agrees it is expensive, convoluted and all inclusive. Marriages are the biggest excuse Tunisians have to party. If you visit in summer - wedding season - expect your sleep to be disturbed by processions of cars through the streets, horns blaring, and loud music continuing until the early hours. What you're hearing is the riotous joy of a Tunisian wedding. The Tunisian divorce rate is 0.82 per 1000 people, less than a third of the UK rate (3.08 per 1000), but nearly four times that in Italy (0.27 per 1000).

Women In Society Aishath Velezinee

In an effort to strengthen family and bring down the high divorce rate (which was once the highest in the world), the first-ever codified Family Law came into force on 1 July 2001, raising the minimum age of marriage to 18 and making unilateral divorce illegal. Prenuptial contracts registered at the court can strengthen a woman's position within the marriage as she can stipulate her rights. Where once a man could divorce his wife merely by telling her that she was divorced, now both partners must go through the court to initiate divorce, and it is permitted only when all reconciliation attempts fail. While the divorce rate has gone down, questions remain as to whether fewer divorces mean a better life for women. Polygamy is legal, and men can have up to four wives at a time, although it is not common practice to have more than one wife.

Mithila Paintings

Bihar's unique and most famous folk art is its Mithila (or Madhubani) paintings. Traditionally, wives from Madhubani and surrounding villages started creating strong line drawings on the walls of their homes from the day of their marriage. Using pigments from spices, minerals, charcoal and vegetable matter, the women painted local deities and scenes from mythology, often intermingled with special events and aspects of everyday life.

Women Travellers

Principles of decorum and respect for women are deeply ingrained in Chinese culture. Despite the Confucianist sense of superiority accorded to men, women often call the shots and wield considerable clout (especially within marriage). Chinese males are not macho, and there is a strong sense of balance between the sexes. Nonetheless, in its institutions, China is a patriarchal and highly conservative country where virtually all positions of political and state authority are occupied by (old) men.


Tourism has brought both benefit and harm. The industry keeps thousands employed along the Pacific coastline. It has brought with it a greater awareness of the need to protect vintage architecture, indigenous tradition and the natural environment. But it has also fed the drug trade and prostitution. Despite these challenges, family ties remain strong and there have been many social improvements. Gender roles, for example, continue to relax among the middle class and jobs are more accessible to women in general. A Mexican woman today will have an average of 2.28 children in the early '70s, that average was seven. As in many Latin American countries, the overall divorce rate remains low (0.62 per 1000 people) - especially when compared with the US or the UK, which both

Modern Currents

With economic change has come social change. Call it the hamburger effect, but the ubiquitous rice and beans has been upgraded to regular doses of American fast food. Homes are changing. Divorce rates have increased and family size has shrunk. More women have entered the workforce though opportunities in the tourism and service sectors.


Nouri Bouzid is a controversial, interesting director L'Homme de Cendres (Man of Ashes 1986) deals with prostitution, child abuse and the relationship between Muslims and Jews Les Sabots en Or (Gold Shoes) is about imprisonment and torture and was banned in Tunisia the pertinent Bezness looked at sexual tourism (bezness is local slang for the beach-gigolo 'business') from the perspective of a young man desperate for a way out of Sousse and Une Fille de Bonne Famille (A Girl of Good Family) examined marital breakdown.


The happy marriage of a panorama (a giant painting) and a gasometer (a giant gas tank) is a panometer ( 121 3396 Richard-Lehmann-Strasse 114 admission 8 6 S 9am-7pm Tue-Fri, 10am-8pm Sat & Sun). The unusual concept is the brainchild of artist Yadegar Asisi, who creates a new image every 15 months or so. Past examples have included scenes from the Himalayan mountains and ancient Rome. Take tram 16 to Richard-Lehmann-Strasse Zwickauer Strasse.

Princess Anne

David's at Waterloo, 28822 Mount Vernon Rd., b 410-651-4649, is the happy marriage of a good chef-owned restaurant and a fine inn, whose elegant dining rooms are an appropriate setting for a first-class meal. The changing menu features local ingredients, prepared in original ways. We were especially impressed with the flavorful filet served with crabmeat-stuffed shrimp. Vegetables get special attention. Wine tasting dinners are held once a month, and occasional other special events include a Swiss dinner. David's is open year-round, Thursday through Saturday evenings, 69 reservations are strongly advised. - with four-course complete dinners at 30.


Ing sizes at each place setting, the larger one (or ones) will be for red wine (and water), the smaller one for white wine. In general it's better to wait for the host to pour the wine rather than helping yourself, but this depends on your relationship and the tone of the evening. Tasting the wine in restaurants and pouring it at home have traditionally been male tasks, but these days many women will happily serve and more enlightened sommeliers (wine waiters) will ask which one of a mixed couple would like to try the wine.

Girnar Hill

Further up the steps are various Hindu temples. First, the Temple of Gorakhnath is perched on the highest peak at 600m. The next peak is topped by the Temple of Amba Mata, where newlyweds worship to ensure a happy marriage. On top of the final outcrop is Dat Tatraya, dedicated to three gods.

Legal Matters

For those who want to take the public route, both the required paperwork and the ceremony can be handled by the Registrar General's office ( in the City of Hamilton. For a fee of 231, this government agency will put the mandatory 'Notice of Intended Marriage' in local newspapers. Assuming no formal objection is raised to your marriage intention, the marriage certificate is issued after a two-week waiting period. The registry maintains its own cozy little 'Marriage Room' where, for an additional fee of 193, a civil marriage ceremony can be performed.

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Improving Your Marriage To Newlyweds Again

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