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Ultimate Secrets To Saltwater Fish

The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Happy,healthy Marine Life (fish, Corals And Other Invertebrates) And How To Optimally Set Up A Saltwater Aquarium And Maintain A Pristine Environment For Your Pets. Create The Perfect Environment For Your Marine Life and Learn: How to easily and cheaply prepare excellent quality water for your tank with none of the hidden sources of pollutants. What to do to completely assess your aquariums water quality in 7 easy steps that take 5 minutes. This is one of the most frequently underestimated keys to success that so many people just dont understand, by the time they get their water test results back from the local fish shop it's often too late. The truth about microorganisms in your aquarium: what they are, which ones are bad and how to enrich for the beneficial ones that can save you a lot of grief. Beautifully and easily aquascape your marine aquarium in 5 steps that take 30 minutes. What never to do regarding your aquarium equipment: the livelihood of your marine life could rely on this little known marine biologist tip. Banish aquarium problems for good by learning how to prevent them before they happen. Science has demonstrated that prevention can end up to 90% of disease outbreaks! The truth about cheaply setting up your marine aquarium, learn the key elements you really need and to avoid the unnecessary gimmicks and expensive add-ons. Slash the time and effort you spend on maintaining your aquarium, learn the absolute necessities you need to do and when. Everything else is just a waste of your precious time and money. Read more...

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Moments Imiloa Exploring the Unknown

Mokupapa Discovery Center for Hawaii's Remote Coral Reef (Kids Value This 4,000-square-foot center is perfect for kids, who can explore the Northwest Hawaiian Islands coral reef ecosystem. Through interactive displays, engaging three-dimensional models, and an immersion theater, the kids can learn natural science, culture, and history while having a great time. A 2,500-gallon saltwater aquarium provides a habitat for a collection of fish from the Northwest Hawaiian Islands reefs. Lots of fun at a terrific price free

Oyambre Nature Reserve

One of the traditional customs of the locals who live along the west coast of Cantabria is harvesting oca or caioca, a type of seaweed that is washed up on the beaches, especially after storms, and is gathered for use as fertiliser or as raw material for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. In Oyambre, this activity can be seen between Gerra and La Revilla. Another economic activity closely related to the San Vicente de la Barquera and Rabia saltmarshes, which make up the Reserve, is digging for the bivalves that live in the mud and sandbanks, such as grooved carpet shell clams (Ruditapes decussatus), pullet carpet shell clams (Venerupis puiiastra), baby clams (Chameiea gaiiina) and razor clams (known locally as muergos or navajas). These marine invertebrates attract fish to the estuaries, such as gilthead, bass, red mullet and red gurnard, all of which can be sampled at restaurants in the coastal towns.

Wildlife Watching

Prince Edward Island Marine Aquarium, Rte. 6, Stanley Bridge, s 902 892-2203, gives you a close-up look at seals playing. Tanks of fish show who lives under all that water around you. They also have interesting, if unrelated, displays of more than 750 mounted bird specimens from around the world and a display of butterflies. The aquarium is open daily from mid-June to October, 9 am to dusk. Admission 5 adults 2.50 for children six-14.

The West

The North Cape Lighthouse and Atlantic Wind Test Site stands in a place where the forces of nature are so fierce that they have been known to blow over some of the best-engineered wind-powered generating machines ever built. The Cape marks the point where part of the Gulf of St. Lawrence splits off to become the west end of the Northumberland Strait, creating strong currents that threaten to tear the island apart. In this far-from-placid setting, the six-sided, shingled lighthouse was built in 1866, and it continues to be a vital bearing for seafarers. It is not open, but you can view it from this windswept and precarious point. Behind and around it are a series of strange-looking structures - experimental state-of-the-art wind turbines - designed for research as to how best to harvest the energy of wind. Notice how sections of the island are just breaking off and sliding into the sea. Park at the restaurant and walk out, staying away from the edges, since many of the embankments are...

Grand Key Resort

Designed in the traditional Key West architectural style, the resort's natural tropical tones, exposed beams and ceiling fans are complemented by a striking saltwater aquarium in the lobby. Guestrooms overlook a variety of sea panoramas and natural settings including mangroves, ponds and marshes, with categories including classic guestrooms, scenic rooms, courtyard pool view, spa king and grand suites. In-room amenities include cable TV with HBO, mini-bar, microwave, coffee maker, modem connection, in-room dining and more.

Northwest Tampa

To the north on Old Tampa Bay, Upper Tampa Bay Park at 8001 Double Branch Rd., off Rte. 580, s 813-855-1765, offers nature-lovers a peek into many biological communities, from oyster bars to freshwater ponds and oak hammocks. Its nature center has a saltwater aquarium and exhibits on snakes and other indigenous critters. A boardwalk runs along a bay view. The park is open daily, 8-6.

On the Wild Side

Fishing is permitted within designated areas in the park, though saltwater fishing licenses are required (for information about getting your license, see the box on page 331). Other activities include picnicking, swimming at Cannon Beach, featuring an authentic reconstruction of an early Spanish shipwreck lying 130 feet offshore, and self-guided walks along the park's marked nature trails, round out the activities at Pennekamp Park. Be sure to stop in at the park's visitor center, whose main attraction is a 30,000-gallon saltwater aquarium.

Exploring The Town

Good as any you'll find in a town of this size, and it has achieved a well-deserved national reputation. The Pratt displays art and explains local history, too, but it is strongest in its presentation of natural history. Volunteers pioneered new technology that allows visitors to watch birds inside nesting burrows on Gull Island (the Gullcam), and you can operate the controls in the museum. There is a saltwater aquarium housing local marine life, and if you're curious about all the fishing boats down in the harbor, you can find out about the different types of gear as well as the fish they catch. In the small botanical garden outside you can learn to identify all the local wildflowers, and a forest trail teaches about the ecology of the region. There's much more to see, too, including a good gift shop. 3779 Bartlett St. (at Pioneer Ave.). & 907 235-8635. Admission 6 adults, 5.50 seniors, 3 children ages 6-18, 20 family rate. High season daily 10am-6pm low...

Playa Miramar

A Habana institution founded in 1960, the aquarium gets legions of annual visitors, particularly since its 2002 revamp. Environmentally speaking, the place leaves all other Cuban aquariums in the shade (although that isn't saying much). For a start, it's designed to be both educational and conservationist. Saltwater fish are the specialty, but there are also sea lions, dolphins and lots of running-around room for kids. Dolphin performances are almost hourly from 11am, with the final show at 9pm admission includes the show. There's also a decent restaurant here.

Staples Specialities

Fish is every Bangladeshi's favourite meal. Traditionally it's all been about freshwater fish and most Bangladeshis have long considered saltwater fish a poor cousin, but with the rivers and lakes becoming overfished, the Bengalis are reassessing their relationship with marine life.

In The Pink

Bermuda's sand is made up of particles of coral, marine invertebrates and various shells, but it takes its distinctive light pink hue from the bodies of one particular sea creature, a member of the order Foraminifera. A marine protozoan abundant on Bermudian reefs, foraminifers have hard, tiny shells that wash up on shore after the animal within the shell dies. These pink shell fragments provide the dominant color in what would otherwise be a less-distinctive confetti of bleached white coral and ivory-colored calcium carbonate shells.

Playa Funchi

Funchi, or a traditional corn meal mush, is an Antillean staple. Since the beach is full of coral rubble, it isn't mushy at all. Local folks like to eat it with fish, so maybe the reef reminded someone of fish and funchi. They also eat it sliced and fried in butterand served with crisp bacon and scrambled eggs for Sunday breakfast. Maybe the beach was a good place to spend Sunday morning. No matter how it got its name, it is a nice place for snorkelers and divers. The reef has lots of nooks and crannies in the coral and marine invertebrates are in good numbers here.

Rock Sound

This crater-like curiosity, along Fish Rd on the south edge of Rock Sound, is said to be bottomless. No one knows, but it is a 100yd-wide tidal blue hole populated by saltwater fish that move to and fro through subterranean sea tunnels. Throw some bread in and a surge offish will head for the surface, taking great delight in a quick feed. Set off a rocky edge, it is also possible to descend some steps and hop in for a cool swim.

Mp Unhotoi A Ptilm

A recreational saltwater fishing license is required for Florida residents and nonresidents. The license is required for taking, attempting to take or possessing marine fish. These include finfish species, as well as marine invertebrates. Examples of finfish are hogfish, sharks, trout, mackerel, rays, catfish, eels and tarpon. Marine invertebrates include snails, whelks, clams, scallops, shrimp, crab lobster, sea stars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. With the exception of Florida residents who are fishing from shore or a pier that has a valid pier saltwater fishing license or is fixed to the land, salt-water fishing licenses are required of all age 16 and older. Also included are all Florida residents 16 to 65 years ofage who fish from a boat, float, or place they have reached by boat, float, swimming or snorkeling. Any person who is on a charter boat or with a licensed fishing guide is covered by their guide's license. Crawfish and snook stamps are required for possession of either....

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