Probably the most obvious day trip from Male' is the short ferry ride to Viligili, the closest thing Male' has to a suburb, just lkm from the western shore of the capital. The short boat ride takes you into a different world. Far more relaxed than Male', Viligili has something of a Caribbean feel to it, with its brightiy painted houses and laid-back pace. Here Maleans come to enjoy some space, play football and go swimming (usually fully clothed after the conservative fashion typically found on inhabited islands here - this is no place to be seen in a bikini). While it's still a great deal more cosmopolitan than most inhabited islands in the Maldives, if you only visit Male' and resorts, this is perhaps the best chance you'll have of seeing everyday life . There's nothing much to see but it's a pleasant excursion from Male'. The Symphony Garden, a pretty outdoor café by the harbour, is the most obvious place for refreshments. Viligili is easy to get to. Just catch one of the frequent dhoni ferries from New Harbour on the southwest corner of Male' (Rf3, 10 mins, every 5 mins).

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