Thaa administrative district, or Kolhu-madulu Atoll, is a large, slighdy flattened circle about 60km across, and one of the major fishing regions of the country. It consists of 13 inhabited islands and is home to about 9300 people. The capital island is Veymandhoo (population 1800). All the islands are on the edges of the atoll, mosdy clustered around the kandus, and they're quite densely setded. Thimarafushi (population 2300), near the capital, is the most populous island, and with two other islands makes up a sizable community. Ruins of a 25m-wide mound on the island of Kibidhoo show this group of islands has been populated for many years.

On Guraidhoo (population 1700), in another island group, is the grave of Sultan Usman I, who ruled the Maldives for only two months before being banished here. On Dhiyamigili (population 484) there are ruins of the palace of Mohammed Imaaduddeen II, a much more successful sultan who ruled from 1704 to 1721 and founded one of the Maldives' longest-ruling dynasties.

The northern island of Buruni (population 570) is a centre for carpenters, many of whom work elsewhere, building boats and tourist resorts. The women make coir rope and reed mats. Around the mosque are an old sundial and tombstones that have been dated to the late 18th century. The island of Kalhufahalafushi has been allocated but it is not yet operational.

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