Looking at a modern map, the Shaviyani administrative district, made up of Milad-hunmadulu Atoll and Thiladhunmathee Atoll, appears to be part of one elongated atoll enclosing a single, very long lagoon. Shaviyani administrative district comprises 15 inhabited islands with a total of 11,406 people. This atoll is most famous today as a major breeding ground for turtles, who breed successfully on its pristine beaches.

The capital is Funadhoo (population 1330), a pretty island with the ruins of an ancient mosque and 13th-century tombstones. The most populous island, with 1600 inhabitants, is Komandhoo. Narudhoo island is tiny but has a natural freshwater lake on it - one of the very few open places in the whole country where water collects.

The main mosque on the island of Kan-ditheem (population 1160) incorporates the oldest known example of the Maldives' unique Thaana script - it's an inscription on a doorframe, which notes that the roof was constructed in 1588. Another famous island is uninhabited Nalandhoo, where the Thakurufaanu brothers hid their boat between guerrilla battles with the Portuguese.

The beautiful crescent island of Dhol-hiyadhoo has been allocated as the atoll's first resort island.

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