Other Islands

With so many small islands in the Maldives, it's not uncommon for individual islands to be allocated to specific activities or uses. One example is Funadhoo, between the airport and Male', which is used for fuel storage - it's a safe distance from inhabited areas, and convenient for both seagoing tankers and smaller boats serving the atolls.

One of the fastest-growing islands in the country, west of Viligli, is Thilafushi, also known as 'Rubbish Island'. It's where the capital dumps its garbage. The land is earmarked for industrial development, and its three conspicuous, round towers are part of a cement factory, which has just been built.

The island of Dhoonidhoo, just north of Male', was the British governor's residence until 1964. The house is now used for detaining people who may disrupt Maldivian society (political prisoners to you and me).

Slighdy further north, Aara h is a small island used as the president's holiday retreat.

Another 3km further north, the island of Kudabandos was saved from resort development and became the Kuda Bandos Reserve, to be preserved in its natural state for the people's enjoyment. It has a few facilities for day-trippers, but is otherwise undeveloped -a small island encircled by a white beach. Tourists come to Kudabandos on 'island-hopping' trips from nearby resorts. Maldivian families and groups come on weekends and holidays. The Bandos Island Resort's Male' office (3325529) arranges a boat most Fridays for local people for about Rf30, including the RflO entry fee.

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