Internet Access

There is no shortage of Internet cafés in Male'. You will see plenty throughout the town, but the following are the best located. Bistro Jade (Map p94; Boduthakurufaanu Magu; S 8a m-11 pm Sat-Th u, 3-11 pm Fri) A h ub for expats, this great café is a wi-fi hotspot so if you have your own laptop come here for a fast connection and good coffee. Cyber Café (Map p94; Ameer Ahmed Magu; per hrRf15; S 9am-midnight Sat-Thu, 2pm-midnight Fri) Connections can be slow here, but the booths offer privacy. Dhiraagu Cyber Café (Map p94; Chandanee Magu;

5 9am-1am Sat-Thu, 4pm-1am Fri & religious holidays) Dhiraagu, the country's main mobile-phone provider, has free wi-fi in this, theircentral outlet. Assuming you have a laptop you can come in and go online for free.

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