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Don't be fooled by beer in Male' - it's all nonalcoholic, even if it doesn't look it!

Kavaabu are small deep-fried dough balls with tuna, mashed potato, pepper and lime-a very popular'short eat'.

Your culinary experience in the Maldives could be, depending on your resort, anything from haute cuisine ordered from a menu you've discussed with the chef in advance, to bangers and mash at the all-you-can-eat buffet in the communal dining room. What it's unlikely to be in either case is particularly Maldivian, given the dislocation from local life experienced in resorts. However, anyone staying in Male' or visiting inhabited islands should take advantage of this opportunity to try real Maldivian food (rather than the somewhat fanciful fare produced on Maldivian cuisine nights in resorts, which often owes more to Indian and Sri Lankan cooking than anything local). Maldivian cuisine is unsurprisingly simple and testament to a nation's historic survival on a relatively small, but bountiful, amount of locally occurring ingredients.

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