Nobody comes to a dry town for nightlife, let's face it, but despite the worrying sobriety of the Male' populace, there's a surprising amount going on in the evenings. Dusk is the coolest time of day, and Male' is popular with strolling couples and groups of friends who promenade along the seafront and Majeedee Magu until late in the evening. Thursday and Friday nights are the busiest, after prayers at sundown. There are even sporadic club nights put on, although there's nothing regular. Keep your eye out for notices along the seafront, as such events are always advertised.

The non air-con Olympus (Map p94; Majeedee Magu), opposite the stadium, shows Maldivian and Indian films as well as the occasional Hollywood blockbuster. The city's other cinema, Star (Map pp90-1; Majeedee Magu), was closed at the time of research and it was unclear whether it would be reopening soon or not.

The National Stadium (Map p94; Majeedee Magu) hosts the biggest football matches (tickets cost Rfl5 to Rf30) and the occasional cricket match. More casual games can be seen any evening in the sports grounds at the east end of the island and near New Harbour.

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