Strong currents flowing through the Ka-madhoo Kandu provide an environment for soft corals, which thrive on Milaidhoo Reef, on the north side of an uninhabited island. The reef top, at 2m, is great for snorkelling, and it drops straight down to about 35m. This cliff has numerous caves and overhangs with sea fans and sponges.

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The north side of Kakani Thila, at 25m to 30m, retains coral formations in excellent condition, and colourful soft corals fill the overhangs. It's also home to lots of fish, including Napoleons, jackfish and Oriental sweedips.

The small Dhigali Haa, though well inside the atoll, commonly attracts pelagic species (barracuda) and grey reef sharks. Other fish include jacks, batfish and trevally. It's also a good place to see nudibranch, yellow and orange soft corals and anemones (with clown fish).

The sandy Madi Finolhu has large coral blocks on which black corals grow. Stingrays can be seen on the sand, and mantas also pass through. This is a good beginners' dive (20m).

Overhangs at Muthafushi Thila are home to soft corals and anemones. Many hard corals are in good condition and very colourful, soft corals can also be seen. There are large schools of blue-striped snapper.

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