Day Trips

Day trips from your resort are one of the very few ways you'll be able to see something of the Maldives. Even if you are a fully independent traveller (FIT) this is still a good way to see otherwise inaccessible islands of the Maldives. Most commonly offered are day trips to the charming capital Male' from resorts in North and South Male' Atolls. These can be fun, but check that you're able to ditch the group and explore on your own if you want to. There's enough to see for a few hours plus plenty of shopping to merit this trip and it's a great way to get a feel for Maldivian people - you'll find the terrifyingly polite resort staff replaced by a friendly and funny city populace.

Another popular excursion is a trip to an inhabited island. These are a poor substitute for individual exploration of the country, but until that becomes possible this is as close as most people will be able to get to seeing a small island community, traditional housing, craftwork and lifestyle. The trip inevitably feels rather contrived, but can still be immensely enjoyable depending on how friendly the locals are and how many people are around (with children often in school or studying in Male', and menfolk away for work, some islands feel more like ghost towns than centres of population).

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