Younger children will enjoy a couple of weeks on a Maldivian resort island, particularly if they like playing in the water and on the beach. Though exotic cuisine is sometimes on the menu, there are always some pretty standard Western-style dishes that kids will find OK.

Older children and teenagers could find a resort a little confining after a few days and they may get bored. Canoeing and fishing trips might provide some diversion, while a course in sailing or windsurfing could be a great way to spend a holiday. Table tennis, tennis, volleyball or badminton might also appeal. The minimum age for scuba diving is 16 years, but most resorts offer a 'bubble blowers' introduction for younger kids, which is very popular.

The main danger is sunburn, so bring sun hats and sunblock. Lycra swim shirts are an excellent idea - they can be worn on the beach and in the water and block out most UV radiation.

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