Sentier Cathare

To really explore Cathar country, take the Cathar Trail. This tough but fulfilling 200km signed walking route runs from the Mediterranean to Foix (p199), in the pre-Pyrenees. It's divided into 12 recommended stages, though you're free to walk it as you will, and takes in the major castles. The Cathar Way - A Walker's Guidebook by Alan Mattingly gives a detailed description of the route. For more complete information, carry Le Sentier Cathare, published in French with explicit maps by Rando Éditions.

Mar) sits 728m high. After the fall of Montségur in 1244, the Cathars made their last stand within its squat keep, which fell after a debilitating three-week siege in 1255. On a clear day you can make out on the horizon both the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees.

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