La Carrire de Talc de Trimouns

Within the long, undistinguished factory building that hugs the river in the village of Luzenac, 9km northwest of Ax, around 10% of the world's talcum powder is processed. In summer, there are one-hour guided visits to the talc quarries (adult/child €7.60/2.70; S 5 daily Jul & Aug, 4pm May, Jun & Sep-mid-Oct). Up high at 1800m and a 15km drive from Luzenac, giant machines claw at the hillside, extracting the planet's softest rock. Allow 20 minutes for the drive from Luzenac and join the group at the quarry car park. By the time you leave, you'll probably have inadvertently picked up enough to sprinkle between your toes for the rest of your days.

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