Abbaye De Stroman

'Abbey' is something of a misnomer for what you see today at this impressive troglodyte site (% 04 66 59 19 72;; adult/ under 18yr €5.50/free; S 10am-6pm or 6.30pm Apr-Sep, 2-5pm Mar & Oct, 2-5pm Sat, Sun & school holidays Nov-Feb), a monastery from as early as the 5th century until its dissolution in the 15th. It was rediscovered only when later structures, including a castle, on this hilltop site were demolished. Here, hewn from the soft limestone, are cells, a chapel, cisterns, and tombs just big enough for a cadaver - over 100 of them. From it, there's a magnificent panorama of the snaking Rhone and the plains of Provence beyond. Ask for the guide sheet in English. To reach the monastery from Beaucaire, take the D986L, direction Remoulins, and turn off after 4km onto a narrow road (unsuitable for caravans).

From the car park, it's a pleasant 10- to 15-minute uphill walk through garrigue.

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