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Bedbugs often live in dirty mattresses and bedding. Spots of blood on bedclothes or on the wall around the bed can be read as a suggestion to find another hotel.

Lice, which are easier to see, cause itching and discomfort. They make themselves at home in your hair (head lice), clothing (body lice) or pubic hair (crabs). You catch lice through direct contact with infected people or by sharing combs, clothing and the like. Powder or shampoo treatment will kill the lice.

Likewise, scabies - an infestation of microscopic mites - is acquired through sexual contact, bed linen, towels or clothing. The first sign - severe itching caused by an infestation of eggs and feces under the skin - usually appears three to four weeks after exposure (as soon as 24 hours for a second exposure) and is worse at night. Infestation appears as tiny welts and pimples, often in a dotted line, most commonly around the groin and the lower abdomen, between the fingers, on the elbows and under the armpits. Treatment is by pesticidal lotions.

At the same time as using the treatment, you must wash all your clothing and bedding in hot water.

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