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At InfoHub Specialty Travel Guide (, you can find tours in Italy (as well as other countries) centered around just about any and everything: antiques, archaeology, art history, churches, cooking, gay life, nudism, religion, wineries, and much more. If this sounds expensive to you, don't worry—while searching the site, you can even set your own price limit. Two other good resource sites for specialty tours and travels are the Specialty Travel Index ( and Shaw Guides (

Classico, 30 Marathon St., Arlington, MA 02174 (& 800/866-7314 in the U.S.; A sampling of their tours that cover parts of northern Italy includes: Bike Across Italy, Land of Barolo & Truffles (Piedmont), Villas & Gardens of Veneto, Venice to Bologna, Sud Tirol Roll, Verona to Salzburg, Tour del Monte Bianco, and several tours that get you in among racers in major events (the Giro d'ltalia—like the Tour de France—and the World Cup in the Veneto) where you get to sample the same stages the racers bike— though not at the same time, obviously. Experience Plus, 415 Mason Ct., Suite 1, Fort Collins, CO 80524 (& 800/685-4565;, runs bike tours across Europe, including tours around Venice and the Dolomites as well as marathon rides

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