Kilkenny City Essentials

GETTING THERE Irish Rail provides daily service from Dublin into the Irish Rail McDonagh Station, Dublin Road, Kilkenny (& 056/772-2024; www.

Bus Eireann, McDonagh Station, Dublin Road, Kilkenny (& 056/776-4933;, operates daily service from Dublin and all parts of Ireland.

Many roads pass through Kilkenny, including the N9/N10 from Waterford and Wexford, the N8 and N76 from Cork and the southwest, the N7 and N77 from Limerick and the west, and the N9 and N78 from Dublin and points north and east.

VISITOR INFORMATION For information, maps, and brochures about Kilkenny and the surrounding area, contact the Kilkenny Tourist Office, Shee Alms House, Rose Inn Street, Kilkenny (& 056/775-1500; It's open April to October, Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm; November to March, Monday to Saturday 9am to 1pm and 2 to 5pm. CITY LAYOUT The main business district sits on the west bank of the River Nore. A 1.6km-long (1 mile) north-south thoroughfare, High Street, runs the length of the city, changing its name to Parliament Street at midpoint. It starts at the Parade, on the south end near Kilkenny Castle, and continues through the city to St. Canice's Cathedral at the northern end. Most of the city's attractions are along this route or on offshoot streets such as Patrick, Rose Inn, Kieran, and John. The tourist office can supply you with a good street map.

GETTING AROUND There is no downtown bus service in Kilkenny. Local buses run to nearby towns on a limited basis, departing from the Parade. Check with Bus Eireann (& 056/776-4933; for details.

If you need a taxi, call Nicky Power Taxi (& 056/776-3000), Billy Delaney Cabs (& 056/772-2457), or Kilkenny Taxi Service (& 056/776-3017).

Don't even try to drive in town—Kilkenny's narrow medieval streets make for extremely slow-moving traffic, and you'll almost certainly get stuck. If you have a car, park it at one of the designated parking areas at the Parade, the rail station, or one of the shopping centers. Some parking is free, and other spaces have coin-operated machines, usually for €.50 (60i) per hour. There's also a central multistory car park on Ormonde Street, which costs €1 ($1.20) per hour until you reach €8 ($9.65), which will last you for 24 hours. If you need to rent a car to see the surrounding countryside, call Barry Pender, Dublin Road, Kilkenny (& 056/776-5777 or 056/776-3839).

The best way to see Kilkenny City is on foot. Plot your own route or join a guided walking tour (see below).

FAST FACTS If you need a drugstore, try John Street Pharmacy, 47 John St. (& 056/776-5971); John O'Connell, 4 Rose Inn St. (& 056/772-1033); or White's Chemist, 5 High St. (& 056/772-1328).

In an emergency, dial & 999. The local Garda Station is on Dominic Street (& 056/772-2222).

If you need to access the Internet, try the Kilkenny Library at 6 John's Quay (& 056/772-2021), open Tuesday to Saturday 10:30am to 1pm, Tuesday to Friday 2 to 5pm, and Tuesday and Wednesday 7 to 9pm. Web-Talk, Rose Inn Street (no phone), is an Internet cafe with ISDN Internet access; open Monday to Saturday 10am to 10pm and Sunday 2 to 8pm, for €1.50 ($1.80) every 10 minutes and €6.50 ($7.85) an hour.

For information on upcoming events and festivals, visit or When you're in town, check out the weekly Kilkenny People (, which also covers local happenings.

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