There is a daily train between Esfahan and Tehran (six-berth IR35,15, 7'/i hours) that leaves at 11.30pm and stops at Kashan. Trains also run to Mashhad (Ghazal/six-berthlRl99,000/92,850,lSVi hours, 5.50pm daily) and Bandar Abbas (six-berth/six-seat IR66,100/41,700,2.25pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday). The new line to Shiraz will open in 2010 at the earliest.

The Raja Trains ticket office (Map p234; s 222 4425; Enqelab-e Eslami Sq; S 8am-4pm Sat-Thu) is on the northeast side of the square. Alternatively, Iran Travel & Tourism Tour (Map p234; § 222 3010; [email protected]; Shahid Medani St) has a dedicated train ticket desk.

The train station (off Map p233; §668 8001) is way out to the east of the city. To get here, catch a bus from outside Kowsar International Hotel; ask for the 'istgah-e ghatah' and you'll be put on the right bus. Be at the bus stop well over an hour before your train is due to depart. A private taxi (IR45,000) can cost almost as much as the train ticket to Tehran. Alternatively, take a shuttle taxi south from the south end of Si-o-Seh Bridge.

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