Tappehye Seyalk SialklSAuj

One of the oldest and richest archaeological sites in central Iran, the Tappeh-ye Seyalk (Sialk, Seyalk Mound; off Amir Kabir Rd; S 7.30am-sun-set) has given up a plethora of interesting pottery pieces, metal tools and domestic implements made from stone, clay and bone. They date from as early as the 4th millennium BC. More significant, perhaps, is the structure itself - what is emerging from the dust is clearly a ziggurat (stepped pyramidal temple), and some Iranians are claiming this predates those of the Mesopotamians.

It is still a (seasonal) working dig and, while visitors are welcomed, there are few facilities. Most finds have been moved to museums, including the National Museum of Iran in Tehran (pi04) and the Louvre in Paris. There's no charge, but if you are shown around, a tip is appreciated.

Seyalk is halfway between Kashan and Fin - that's 4.5km from either - on the north side of the road.

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