Sending a parcel out of Iran can be a frustrating exercise in form shuffling, but it's reasonably priced and your package will usually arrive. Take your unwrapped goods to the parcel post counter (daftar-e amanat-e posti) at the main post office (postk-huneh-ye markazi) in a provincial capital -the bigger the better. There it will be checked, packaged and signed for in triplicate. There are three parcel services - pishtaz (express), havayi (airmail) and surface. Rates tend to vary depending on who is quoting them, but a 5kg parcel to anywhere by surface mail should cost less than

US$20. The customs officer on duty at the post office generally has discretion over what can be posted abroad, so be nice (see also p377 for customs regulations). You will usually be asked for a photocopy of your passport.

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