About 52km north of Yazd, Meybod is a sprawling mud-brick town that is at least 1800 years old. It has three main sights near each other in the west of town, all open from 9am to 5pm, or 7pm in summer. They include a 300-year-old post house (admission IR3000) that served as a relay station on, as it says above the door, the 'King's Road, Rey to Kerman'; a caravanserai with a covered qanat-, and a huge Safavid-era ice house (yakh dan) across the street. Crumbling Narein castle (admission

IR2000; S 9am-5pm, to 7pm summer), in the centre of town, dates from Sassannian times and affords desert-rooftop views across town.

As you enter town, stop at the circular pigeon tower that once housed 4000 pigeons whose guano was collected as fertiliser. The tower has been meticulously restored and today about 100 pigeons swing from strings in a crude celebration of the taxidermist's art. Avoid taking anything mind-altering before coming here... It's on government property so ask at the gate before entering.

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