Esfahan O


Al-Zahra Hospital 1 A4

Department of Aliens Affairs 2 A4


ManarJomban (Shaking Minarets) 3 A3

University of Isfahan 4 A4


Hotel Kaveh (see 6)

Hotel Soffeh (see 7)


Jey Minibus Terminal 5 B3

Kaveh Terminal 6 A3

Soffeh Terminal 7 B4

Sorush Bus Terminal (Buses to

Airport) 8 B3

Zayandeh Rud Terminal 9 A4


Abbasi Hotel Bookshop (Map p234; s 223 2967; Shahid MedaniSt; S 7.30am-10.30pm) Expensive, but has big range, including many out-of-print works on Iran Kowsar International Hotel (Map p234; ~s 624 0230; Mellat Blvd) On the ground floor.

EMERGENCY Ambulance (ยงยง 115)

Tourist police (Map p234; Igl 221 5953; Chahar Bagh Abbasi St; S 24hr) Very helpful English-speaking officers can be found at this booth in the middle of the street outside the Madraseh-ye Chahar Bagh.

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