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This 15th-century domed school is known as Alexander's Prison (Zaiee Sq; admission IR2000; S 8am-sunset, 8am-1pm & 4pm-sunset summer) because of a reference to this apparently dastardly place in a Hafez poem. Whether the deep well in the middle of its courtyard was in fact built by Alexander the Great and used as a dungeon seems doubtful, no matter what your guide tells you. Recently renovated, the building itself is worth a look for the small display on the old city of Yazd, the clean toilets, the overly fluorescent but mercifully cool subterranean teahouse and the studio-shop of sitar-maker and -player Moslem Mirzazadeh (ยง 0913 351 5452; moslemmir [email protected]; S 9am-2pm & 4-7pm).

The early-1 lth-century brick Tomb of the 12 Imams is almost next door to Alexander's Prison. The once-fine (but now badly deteriorated) inscriptions inside bear the names of the Shiite Imams (see The 12 Imams, p56), though none are actually buried here.

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