Agency Taxi

Agency taxis, also known as 'telephone' taxis, don't normally stop to pick up passengers; you have to order them by telephone or at an agency office. There are agency-taxi offices in even the smallest towns and hundreds of them in Tehran. Some of the top hotels run their own taxi services, and any hotel or mosaferkhaneh (lodging house) can order a taxi for a guest. Naturally, this is the most expensive way of using taxis, but you get a better car, the comfort of knowing there will be someone to complain to if anything goes wrong and, possibly, a driver who speaks English. One reader wrote to say that lone women are advised to get someone to call them a taxi if they're travelling after dark, thus avoiding being hooted at or ignored by dozens of drivers as they try to hail one. Demand is such that Tehran now has a women-only taxi company (pl29) - female drivers, female passengers, no groping.

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