Nezam alMolk

Abu Ali Hasan ibn Ali, titled for his merits Nezam al-Molk (Arabic: "Order of the Kingdom"), was a Persian vizier of the Turkish Seljuk Sultans, Alp Arslan and Malek Shah. As a minister of these two most remarkable Seljuk kings, Nezam al-Molk ruled the empire that stretched from Syria to Afghanistan for thirty years. He is also well remembered for a network of the Nezamiyeh madresehs that he established in many major towns throughout the empire and for his large treatise on kingship, Siasat-Nameh ("The Book of Government, or Rules for Kings"). Nezam al-Molk was assassinated in 1092. The murder was committed by an Ismailite, possibly with the complicity of Taj al-Molk, another vizier of Malek Shah and Nezam al-Molk's bitter rival, Torkan-Khatun, the sultan's wife, and perhaps Malek Shah himself. The crime, however, was not left unpunished. Within a month after Nezam al-Molk's death, the sultan, too, was dead, and the disintegration of the great Seljuk Empire began.

he held on the banks of the Zayandeh-Rud in 935, was recorded in old historical chronicles as one of the most sumptuous festivities of the early Islamic period. Mardavij was assassinated on the day after the Sedeh holiday, and Ziarid power thereupon disintegrated.

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