History of Kashan 164 Arts of Kashan 172 Traditional Houses

Brujerdi House 175 Tabatabai House 176 Abbasian House 177 Ameriha House 177 Fin Garden 178 Aqa Bozorg Mosque and

Madreseh 180 Congregational Mosque

Meydan Mosque 182 Tabriziha Mosque 183 Imamzadeh Ibrahim 184 Abu Lolo Mausoleum 184 Imamzadeh Panjeh Shah 185 Imamzadeh Mir Neshaneh

Imamzadeh Shah Yalan 185 Imamzadeh Habib ibn Musa and the Tomb of Shah

Abbas 186 Imamzadeh s Taher and Mansur 186 Mausoleum of Sultan Mir

Ahmad 186 Chehel Dokhtaran Shrine 186 Khajeh Taj od-Din Shrine

Moqarnas adornments on the portal of teh Sheikh Lotfollah


Ceiling decorations of the Brujerdi Mansion

Zein od-Din Minaret 187 Imam Madreseh 187 Great Bazaar 188

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