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Holmavik's main tourist attraction is the popular Exhibition ofWitchcraftS Sorcery (s 451 3525;; admission Ikr500; S 10am-6pm Jun-mid-Sep), by the harbour. The museum tells the macabre but fascinating story of 17 men and women who were burnt at the stake for witchcraft in the Westfjords during the 17th century. Most of the occult practices they were accused of were simply old Viking traditions, though the necropants (see right) and grimoires (magic books) on display were proof enough for the local witch-hunters. In summer there's a daily bus (Ikr900, 30 minutes) to the 'sorcerer's cottage' in BjarnarfjorSur, a turf-roofed cottage said to have been home to one of the witches. The bus departs at 1.30pm and returns at 3pm.

The hills surrounding Holmavik are good for hiking and the easy short walk north along the coast to the farm at Os is a good start. From the farm the trail cuts back to town along the Stakkar ridge further inland. Another easy walk is the 4km circuit of KSriksvallavatn lake from the Pverarvirkjun hydroelectric plant, 2km south of Holmavik.

If you're heading northwest it's worth stopping off at the wooden church at Sta3ur, 14km from Holmavik, to see the 18th-century pulpit there.

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