Fjallabak Route

In summer the Fjallabak Route (F208) makes a spectacular alternative to the coast road between Hella, in southwest Iceland, and Kirkjubaerjarklaustur. Its name translates as 'Behind the Mountains', and that's exactiy where it goes.

First, head north from Hella on Rte 26. The F208 begins near the Sigolduvirkjun power plant on the Tungnaa river and passes through the scenic Fjallabak Nature Reserve to Land-mannalaugar. From there, it continues east past the Kirkjufell marshes and enters Jokulda-lur, then travels along a riverbed for 10km before climbing to the HorSubreiS lookout and descending to Eldgja.

For the next 40km the road is fairly good, but there are a couple of river fords, so conventional vehicles going to Eldgja from the east may have difficulties during high water. At Buland the route joins Rte 208 and emerges at the Ring Rd southwest of Kirkjubaejark-laustur.

A non-4WD vehicle wouldn't have a hope of completing the through route. In summer, if the rivers are low, a conventional vehicle can reach Landmannalaugar from the west (F208 only) and possibly Eldgja from the east, but the route between the two would be impass



Landmannalaugar Walking

Laufafell (1164m)

Laufafell (1164m)

I Kaldaklofijökull

able under any conditions. Note that hire-car companies prohibit taking 2WD vehicles on any of these routes, so if something should go wrong your insurance would be void.

Since much of the Fjallabak Route is along rivers (or rather, in rivers!), it's not ideally suited to mountain bikes either. Lots of people do attempt it, but it's not casual cycling by any stretch.

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