Budapest has three main train stations. Most international trains arrive and depart from Keleti train station (Keleti train station; Map pp80-1; § 313 6835; VIII Kerepesi lit 2-6; ® M3 Keleti palyaudvar). Trains to certain destinations in the east (eg Romania) leave from Nyugati train station (Western train station; Map p84; § 349 0115; VI Terez korut 55-57; ® M3 Nyugati palyaudvar), while Deli train station (Southern train station; Map p83; § 375 6293, 355 8657; I Krisztina korut 37; ® M2 Deli palyaudvar) handles trains to some destinations in the south (eg Osijek in Croatia and Sarajevo in Bosnia). These are not hard-and-fast rules, so always make sure you check which station your train leaves from when you buy a ticket. The handful of secondary train stations are of litde importance to long-distance travellers. Occasionally, though, a through train will stop at Kelenfoldi train station (Mappp88-9; § 2031687; XI Etele ter5-7; (1) 19 or49) in Buda. For 24-hour information on international train services call § 461 5500 in Budapest or § 06 40 49 49 49 nationwide.

The train stations are generally pretty dismal places, with unsavoury-looking characters hanging about day and night, but all have some amenities. The left-lug-gage office at Keleti train station (S 24hr) is next to platform No 6. At Nyugati train station (S 4am-midnight) and Deli train station (S 3.30am-11.30pm) it's beside the information and ticketing hall. They charge 150/300Ft for a normal/large piece for six hours and 300/600Ft per day. You'll also find post offices and grocery stores that are open late or even round the clock.

The three main train stations are on metro lines and night buses serve them when the metro is closed. If you need to take a taxi, avoid the sharks hovering around the stations. At Deli train station, cross over to I Alkotas utca and hail one there. At Keleti train station, get into one of the legal taxis at the rank on VIII Kerepesi lit, just south of the Eastern (Keleti) train station. Nyugati ter is a major intersection, so you'll have no problem finding a legitimate taxi there.

You can buy tickets at the three international train stations in Budapest, but the queues are often long, passengers are in a hurry and sales staff are not the most patient in the city. It's easier at the MAV international information and ticket centre (Map p84; §461 5500, 352 2800; in Hungarian; VI Andrassy lit 35; S9am-6pm Mon-Fri Apr-Sep, 9am-5pm Mon-Fri Oct-Mar). For fares, check

For more information on international train travel, see p381.

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