Public Transport

Budapest has an ageing but safe, efficient and inexpensive public transport system that will never have you waiting more than five or 10 minutes for any conveyance. There are five types of vehicle in general use: metro trains on three city lines, green HEV trains on four suburban lines, blue buses, yellow trams and red trolleybuses. All are run by BKV (Budapest Transport Company; ยง 342 2335, 06 80 406 688; Anyone planning to travel extensively by public transport in Budapest should invest in the invaluable Budapesti Kdzlekedesi Hdlozata Terkepe (Budapest Transport Network Map; 380Ft) available at most metro ticket booths.

Daytime public transport in Budapest runs from about 4.30am to between 9pm and 11.30pm, depending on the line. From 11,30pm to 4am a network of some 30 night buses kicks in, running every 10 to 60 minutes, again depending on the line.

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