Margaret Island

Neither Buda nor Pest, 2.5km-long Margaret Island (Margit-sziget; Map pp80-1 and Map pp78-9) in the middle of the Danube River was always the domain of one religious order or another until the Turks came and turned what was then called the Island of Rabbits into - appropriately enough - a harem, from which all 'infidels' were barred. It's been a public park open to everyone since the mid-19th century.

Cross over to Margaret Island from Pest or Buda via trams 4 or 6. Bus 26 covers the length of the island as it makes the run between Nyugati train station (Nyugati palyaudvar) and Arpad Bridge bus station. Cars are allowed on Margaret Island from Arpad Bridge only as far as the two big hotels at the northeastern end; the rest is reserved for pedestrians, cyclists and horse-drawn carriages.

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