Flea markets

Ecseri Piac (Map pp88-9; § 282 9563; XIX Nagykorosi lit 156; S 8am-4pm Mon-Fri, 6am-3pm Sat, 8am-1pm Sun) Often called the piac (market), it's one of the biggest and best flea markets in Central Europe, selling everything from antique jewellery and Soviet army watches to Fred Astaire-style top hats. Saturday is said to be the best day to go. To get there, take bus 54 from Boráros tér in Pest or, better, the red express bus 54 from the Határ utca stop on the M3 metro line and get off at the Fiume utca stop. Then follow the crowds over the pedestrian bridge.

City Park flea market (Városligeti bolhapiac; Map pp80-1; @ 363 3730, 251 7266; www.bolhapiac.com; XIV Zichy Mihály utca 14; S 7am-2pm Sat & Sun; (1) 1 or 1/a or trolleybuses 70, 72 or 74) This is a huge outdoor flea market - a kind of Hungarian boot or garage sale - held next to the Petófi Csarnok (p 118) in City Park. The usual dia-monds-to-rust stuff is on offer - from old records and draperies to candles, honey and herbs. Sunday is the better day to visit.

If you don't have time to get to the Ecseri or City Park flea markets, check out any of the BÍV stores (Bizományi Kereskedóház és Záloghitel; § 325 2600; S 10am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat), essentially a chain of pawn and secondhand shops with many branches around town. Try the VI Andrássy út branch (Map p84; § 342 9143; VI Andrássy út branch 43; ® Ml Opera) for old jewellery, watches and silver; the V Bécsi utca branch (Map p86; s 3184403; V Bécsi utca 1-3; (M) Ml/2/3 Deák Ferenc tér) for knick-knacks, porcelain and glassware; the XIII Szent István kórút branch (Map p84; l§ 473 0666; XIII Szent István kórút 3; ® 4 or 6) for chinaware, textiles and artwork; and the II Margit korút branch (Map pp80-1; @ 315 0417; II Margit kórút 4; (1) 4 or 6) for furniture, lamps and fine porcelain.

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