Budapest Metro Rail Tram Routes

i—QH— Railway =(HÉv)= Commuter Train <fi) - Metro 1 (Yellow) Metro 2 (Red) Metro 3 (Blue)

Rákosszentmihály from outside. Instead call one of the recommended companies (pl27) with a mobile phone or from a phone box at arrivals (dispatchers understand English) and expect to pay about 5000Ft. Several taxi companies have a flat, discounted fare to/from Ferihegy. Tele 5 (§ 355 5555) charges 3490Ft between the airport and Pest, and 3990Ft between Ferihegy and Buda. Its taxis are just down the road waiting for your call.

The Airport Minibus Service (§ 296 8555; [email protected]) ferries passengers in eight-seater vans from all three of the airport's terminals direcdy to their hotel, hostel or residence (one way/return 2300/3900Ft). Tickets are available at a clearly marked desk in the arrival halls. You need to book your journey to the airport 24 hours in advance, but remember that, with up to seven pickups en route, this can be a nerve-wracking way to go if you're running late.

The cheapest way - but probably the most time-consuming - to get into the city centre is to take the airport bus (look for the stop marked 'BKV Plusz Repter Busz' on the footpath between terminals 2A and 2B), which terminates at the Kobanya-Kispest metro station. From there take the M3 metro into the city centre. The total cost is 320Ft.

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